Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Magnificent Seven Of The GOP Field

How many times have we, as Republicans, had to put up with the laughter and the derision from the mainstream media and other leftist in the political arena and pundits, about the weak GOP field that is running for president.  Anyone remember the left calling the GOP in the debates the seven dwarfs.  Well, they ain't laughing this time, baby, as the Republicans have one of the strongest, and most electable field of candidates I can ever remember [I am talking about in numbers as you could surely say Ronald Reagan may have been the strongest ever].  

Good job in 2014 Reince Priebus - Now on to victory in 2016

One of strongest field of candidates in GOP history

While we do not have Ronald Reagan himself, we possess in Marco Rubio and Scott Walker the ability to project a Reaganesque speaking ability who can clearly articulate the conservative message to the average American.  

We, the GOP, have a dynamic, young and exciting diverse field of candidates, the Democrats can only dream they had for 2016.

While there are many more candidates than seven, because we always hear about the seven dwarfs, I have decided to come up with the top Magnificent Seven candidates that will be in the GOP 2016 finals after all the dust has settled from the debates and early primaries.  I am not saying everyone else will drop out of the race after the first couple of primaries, but it will be obvious the others do not have a legitimate chance at the nomination.  And spoiler alert:  I know many libertarians will not like and certainly not agree with this list and a certain someone who I have left out.  

In limiting this to seven, I know I will be disappointing many conservatives favorites and even a couple of mine, like Bobby Jindal, that I think could win the presidency, but are not included in these seven I have listed.  These are the seven who I really believe will be the last standing with a legitimate chance at the nomination [although the bottom three I have listed are long shots and it would take something unusual for one of them to actually win the nomination].  

I have divided these seven into the top tier, which includes 1-4, and the bottom tier of 5-7.  I believe that not only will the next president come from one of the top four I have listed, but also the next vice-president of the United States.

Even though I believe that it will be the top tier that our nominee will come from, I also believe that all seven of these people I name would beat Hillary Clinton in a 2016 presidential race.  Disclosure for honesty: The top three people I name are my top three favorites [in the order named], and the top three who I believe not only would beat Hillary Clinton but would beat her in a landslide.  

Without further ado, and in reverse order, here is the Tales projection for the 2016 GOP "Magnificent Seven":

Yes, this dynamic magnificent GOP field of candidates for 2016 is the real "field of dreams".

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