Wednesday, June 10, 2015

President George W Bush Finally More Popular Than President Obama

Well, it has taken longer than I have wished and certainly personally thought, but finally as Barack Obama is well into his 7th year in the presidency, former president George W. Bush has passed him in the favorability rating.

This from a CNN-ORC poll that has just come out about George W Bush's favorability ratings:  "According to the poll, 52% of adults had a favorable impression of George W. Bush, 43% unfavorable. When Bush left office in 2009, only about a third of Americans said they had a positive opinion of him."

Now let's look at the most up to date favorable/unfavorable rating for president Obama [as differentiated from his job approval rating] from Real Clear Politics:

Obama: Favorable/Unfavorable

Poll                                 Date             Favorable  Unfavorable   Spread
RCP Average               3/1 - 5/18                49.0           47.8           +1.2
The Economist/YouGov 5/16 - 5/18            46             51                -5
FOX News    5/9 - 5/12                               47              51                -4
Gallup    5/6 - 5/10                                     53              45               +8
Associated Press/GfK    4/23 - 4/27            46              46               Tie
Bloomberg    4/6 - 4/8                                52              45                +7
Pew Research    3/25 - 3/29                       51              46               +5
CNN/Opinion Research    3/13 - 3/15          52              46               +6
McClatchy/Marist    3/1 - 3/4                       45              52                -7


and from Huffington Post just last week they have Obama's favorable rating at 49% and unfavorable at 47.5% for a spread of only 1.5% favorable.   


So, now comparing president George W. Bush's favorability rating to president Obama's, we have W over Obama, 52-49% and with a spread of +9% to +1.2% for Obama. 


The spread is even bigger when you look at president Obama's job approval numbers.   The latest from Real Clear Politics: president Obama's approval is at only 44.9% with a negative 5.1% spread


So, with the American people finally approving of President George W Bush more than president Obama and with these numbers coming on the heels of the GOP wave blowout over the liberal Democrats in the midterm elections, does this mean that the American people have finally woken up?


If so, this is very bad news for queen Hillary Clinton, and it bodes well for the GOP in the 2016 presidential election. 


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