Monday, June 15, 2015

Karen Finney's "Painful" Interview With Chris Wallace

Hillary Clinton spokesperson, Karen Finney, finds no question too easy to not avoid answering.
I was shocked when I turned on Fox News Sunday to find out that the former communications director of the DNC and an MSNBC host, Karen Finney, who Chris Wallace was interviewing, is now a senior Hillary Clinton advisor and spokesperson.  

I was shocked because this is the same lady, when being interviewed by the great radio talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, in August of 2013, hung the phone up on him because she couldn't take the hear of answering a simple question. 

Hugh had Karen on his radio talk show because she compared Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy and using "McCarthy like" tactics in his senate sub committee hearings in 1954.  So, Hugh asked Karen Finney about one of the central figures talked about during the McCarthy hearings in the House, Alger Hiss.  All Hugh Hewitt asked her, "was Alger Hiss a communist spy?"  Karen Finney kept coming back, I'm talking about Ted Cruz.  Hugh asked her again and again, "was Alger Hiss a communist?";  and Karen Finney, who must have either not known who Alger Hiss was or she knew who he was and didn't want to answer the question, abruptly hung up on Hugh Hewitt.  She couldn't take the heat.

Now on this last Sunday Karen Finney was being grilled by Chris Wallace about what positions Hillary Clinton had on the issues of the day and, in the mold of grandma Clinton herself, she wouldn't directly answer one of those questions from Chris Wallace.  It was amazing to watch.  Rep Paul Ryan, who was the following guest on with Chris Wallace' show, said that the interview Chris had with Karen Finney was "painful" for even him to watch.

So, we have Hillary Clinton a presidential candidate who refuses to announce her positions on the important issues of the day hiring as an advisor and a spokesperson someone who also is known to have avoided answering questions, whether it be by radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt or Fox News Channel's Sunday talk show host, Chris Wallace.

First I want you to hear Karen Finney's interview, on August 29, 2013 with Hugh Hewitt when she got so upset and couldn't take the heat that she hung up on Hugh:

Now watch this "painful" interview Karen Finney had with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, on Sunday June 14, 2015:

By the way, Karen Finney, who first couldn't take the heat from Hugh Hewitt and then couldn't take the heat from Chris Wallace, I guess can't take the heat from some of my tweets as she blocks me on twitter. 

I will take that as a badge of honor.

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