Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hugh Hewitt: Those Blocking The Patriot Act Did A Stupid, Shameful Thing

With Rand Paul's recent successful [I think foolish] attempt joining forces with some anti-Patriot Act congressman on the left and libertarian leaning congressmen on the right to block the NSA bulk telephone metadata program under the Patriot Act, there has been a lot of discussion, and misinformation regarding this program and the importance of it.

This from NBC News.com:  "Now that the National Security Agency's authority to collect troves of bulk telephone metadata under the Patriot Act expired at midnight on Monday, the government has said it has fewer tools in its arsenal to help thwart terrorism.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sought a two-week extension Sunday of two less controversial provisions of the Patriot Act, but that effort was blocked by Sen. Rand Paul, a fellow Kentucky Republican who is running for president partly on his strong objections to the surveillance programs. "Tonight we stopped the illegal NSA bulk data collection," Paul said in a statement." 

Hugh Hewitt the host of the Hugh Hewitt radio show

Hugh Hewitt talked about this on his intelligent talk radio show on Monday late afternoon, June 1, 2015.  Hugh first had on guest Robert Costa, who I agree with when he said that Rand Paul's libertarian actions will not go well with the strong foreign policy and national security Republican voters.  Yes, Rand Paul has his loyal base, mostly among young voters and libertarian leaning voters, but that base, I believe does not include an overwhelming majority of the GOP voting base. 

After Robert Costa's segment was over, Hugh gave a great rant on the importance of the metadata program and the craziness of those blocking it and the Patriot Act.  Hugh shredded the misinformation being put out about the program.  Hugh Hewitt said those in congress who blocked the Patriot Act, did a "stupid, stupid, shameful thing".    

Thanks to the Hughniverse for the podcast of this radio segment.

Please listen to this important rant by Hugh Hewitt from his radio show on Monday, June 1, 2015:

 Bravo, Hugh!   Keep up the great work. 

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