Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hillary To A Supporter: "Go To The End Of The Line" ... Unless

I am sure all of you have heard by now Democrat nominee err candidate, Hillary Clinton, telling one of her supporters who wanted to get a picture with her to "go to the end of the line"; but I wonder how many of you have heard the rest of what Hillary told this lady supporter after the cameras were turned off.

In a Tales exclusive, the Tales investigative team of Wie, Cheatem and Howe obtained, in a method only known to them and God, the following quote of what Hillary said after the camera was turned off.  

Dr. Marty Fox
Note:  Wie, Cheatem and Howe, give a hat/tip for this quote to Dr. Marty Fox, the most well known caller to the Bill Bennett, "Morning in America" show [many say more well known then Bill Bennett himself]. 

Hillary in her own words:

after the camera was turned off, Hillary in our own, I mean, her own words:

"Go to the end of the line" ... unless you are willing to make a donation to the Clinton Foundation or you are an illegal immigrant.  
Of course, that lady shouldn't feel bad about Hillary telling her to go to the end of the line, as she is in good company.  That is what Hillary told Ambassador Chris Stevens and the Benghazi 4 to do.

Anyway, what difference, at this point, does it make?


bradley said...

Hate to resort to name calling, UNLESS it's legit,so without further adue, what a bitch

Big Mike said...

Since I know the honest felt emotion from an independent is okay for that legit description. :-)