Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hail To The Jewfish

Hail To The Jewfish - first published June 15, 2015:  

Producer Jim Mudd started the discussion on Jewfish
On Wednesday morning, June 4, 2015, on this local Houston radio sports show, "In The Loop" with announcers  Nick Wright, John Lopez, and producers Jim Mudd and Robert Hensley they had this hilarious discussion about Jewfish, which they insisted, and I discovered, is a real name for various types of fish. 

The discussion was so funny, I tweeted out to the guys that, as a Jew [although not a fish], that discussion was so funny I nearly drove off the road. 
Jewfish - this is the giant of the groupers

That got me to thinking, if the Washington Redskins ever decided to change their name, which I don't think they should unless a poll can show that the name is offensive to a majority of Native Americans [in which case they then, I believe, should change their name] here is a new name I am pretty sure that has not been taken by any other sports team in America.   

The new name I am talking about? - the Washington Jewfish!  As a Jew, I might get excited by the chant coming from Jewfish Stadium during a Jewfish game, Go Jews!

And with their new logo of a giant Jewfish, the Washington NFL team will, of course, need a new fight song. 

Hmm.  How about:

Hail To The Jewfish:

Go Jews!


bradley said...

Does tales carry liability insurance, I think I've injured my ribs laughing my jewish as off--- great job
Bradley beckman

Big Mike said...

Hi Oooooooo! Bradley, I will put you in touch with the Tales law firm of Wie Cheatem and Howe. :-)