Friday, June 19, 2015

Greg Gutfeld: "The Most Incredible Expression Of Goodness Ever"

Today, June 19, 2015 the family members of the victims who were gunned downed in Charleston, SC at a prayer meeting, gave some unbelievable emotional testimony in court, talking to the evil racist who murdered their loved ones.  You are not human if you can watch this without having tears in your eyes and a lump in your throat.  Their testimony of forgiveness...yes I said forgiveness, was incredible.  How many human beings could do this, no matter how religious they are.  I know this is what true Christians believe and do.  I could not do this.  How good and great are these family members?

They showed this video on The Five on the Fox News Channel today [Friday].  I agree with all the panel members [Julie Roginsky, Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld ] in their comments.  I think Greg Gurfeld said it best.  The video was so "heart wrenching, as Eric Bolling said, Greg had to pause for a second before speaking and asked rhetorically, Is this the most powerful emotional testimony ever seen.  Then he went further in a statement I believe is true. "This may be the most expression of goodness ever".  Then paraphrasing Greg, he wondered,  is it their Christian religion and deep faith that make these people so good, or is it their goodness that has led them to be so faithful Christians?

Please watch this incredible, emotional, heart wrenching testimony of faith and forgiveness, as shown on the Fox News Channel's, "The Five", June 19, 2015:

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