Monday, June 8, 2015

Check Your Own State, Hillary, On Who Is Limiting Their Citizens Right To Vote

Big Chris Wallace host of Fox News Sunday
I heard something amazing just brought out by Chris Wallace [the host of Fox News Sunday] on the Fox News Channel, who was on with Jon Scott, who was sitting in for Shepherd Smith and his midday news show.  It was such an amazing fact brought out by Wallace, in light of what Hillary Clinton was claiming that I was taken aback by it and literally said out loud when hearing it, WOW!

Hillary Clinton, who was in Houston yesterday speaking before a half empty hall at Texas Southern University, had a main theme of denouncing the GOP, and specifically GOP governors, on voting accessibility--lying, I mean saying, that Republicans are attempting to limit voting, especially of African Americans, by wanting to have voter ID laws and limit the early voting period.

This from the click 2 Houston web site:  "She [Hillary Clinton] accused potential Republican presidential rivals such as Jeb Bush of Florida and Scott Walker of Wisconsin on Thursday of trying to make it more difficult for millions of Americans to vote, laying down an early marker on voting rights in her Democratic presidential campaign.  Clinton, in one of her most partisan speeches as a presidential candidate, directly criticized Walker, Bush and two other Republican presidential hopefuls, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry."

The article, entitled, Hillary Clinton Addresses Early Voting Expansion. goes on to say. "She described those current or former governors as members of a GOP vanguard that has made it more difficult for students to vote, cut the numbers of days set aside for early voting and demanded voter ID provisions."

So, Hillary Clinton is criticizing those GOP Governors and former Governor [Rick Perry] for not wanting to expand the early voting period, and in some cases lessen it  Well in those states I believe they have an early voting period long enough to make sure there are no excuses for someone not being allowed to vote.  I know in Texas there is just about a 2 week early voting period where there is accessible voting places in every area of the state and at accessible times, certainly more than enough time [where even if it was cut down to a week] no one should be able to say they didn't get a chance to vote.  And that is BEFORE election day.   

What difference does it make, Hillary, wanting a longer early voting period
Now here is the amazing fact just [Friday June 5] stated by Chris Wallace.  Guess how long the early voting period is in New York state where Hillary Clinton is from and where she was elected to the US Senate from?    Are you sitting down.  The early voting period in NY is ZERO days.    They don't even have an early voting period in NY.  Talk about accessibility to vote.  So, by Hillary's logic can we question her election as a US Senator from a state where they were obviously trying to limit citizen's rights to vote compared to those evil states, like Texas and Wisconsin, led by GOP Governors.

And here's the icing on the cake.  Chris Wallace pointed out that the NY Times in an editorial today praised Hillary Clinton's criticizing the GOP saying [falsely] they were trying to limit the people's right to vote and a call for a longer early voting period, and the NY Times never even mentioned that in their own state they have no early voting period.  
Sheesh!  Beam me up, Scotty!

So, using Hillary's own words from the Click 2 Houston article"What part of democracy are they [you] afraid of [New York]?  I believe every citizen has the right to vote and I believe we should do everything we can to make it easier for every citizen to vote [New York]."

Are you listening to Hillary Clinton, New York?  Why are you in favor of limiting African-Americans' right to vote, New York?  Hmm?

Seriously, this disgusting demagoguery by Hillary Clinton before an African-American audience [that white Republicans are trying to stop you from voting] is a continuation of the shameful divisive rhetoric from the current president used for the only purpose of political gain and not giving a damn about the destructive nature that the rhetoric does to this country. 

Shame, shame on you, Hillary Clinton.  I pray to God you are not elected to continue the dividing of America. 

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