Tuesday, June 30, 2015

All I Am Saying, Is Give Respect A Chance

Before I show you the following three revealing videos near the bottom, I want to tell you what this post is about and not about.  First, here is what this post is not about.

This is not a pro or con article on the issue of same sex marriage which the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of nationwide. 

This is not meant to criticize Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for "evolving" [changing totally] on the issue of same sex marriage.  I will take both at their words [even though I seriously have my own doubts] that theirs is a heart felt change and not done for political reasons. 

This is not meant to criticize or call hypocritical those who have truly changed their position in the last few years on the issue of same sex marriage.  It is possible for someone to sincerely change their position on this issue.

What this post is about:

Guy Benson - co author of End of Discussion
This is a post hoping that damaging hateful language on both sides of the issue of same sex marriage stop.  I am totally in agreement with Guy P Benson [co-author with Mary Katharine Ham on their new book: "End of Discusion"]  who on the Kelly Files on June 26, 2015 said: "My hopes and prayers for our country is that we can forge ahead into this new era [same sex marriage being ruled a constitutional right by the Supreme Court] together in the spirit of respect for one another's dignity, respect for one another's beliefs and for one another's rights and I hope that respect is a two way street."

This is a post criticizing Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other liberals who are now using demagogic mean spirited rhetoric against people of good will who have the exact same position on the issue of same sex marriage that they had just a few years ago.  I have seen words on twitter and Face Book like closed minded, hateful, homophobic, "living in the past" and bigoted aimed at those who oppose same sex marriage on religious grounds.  One can honestly make a case against their position, I am not criticizing that, but it should be done in a more civil intellectual way without the use of that hate filled divisive rhetoric that much of the left is doing. 

I want  to ask those of you on the left who are now using divisive language to denounce those who oppose the Supreme Court decision, did you also denounce in those same words [hateful and homophobic and bigoted] Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when they did not support same sex marriage-in the case of Hillary Clinton not only believing that marriage was a sacred union between one man and one woman but also believing it should not be imposed on a state that had a different view?   

Yes, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have changed 180 degrees from their position from a few years ago and now support gay marriage in all states, but they hadn't changed when you voted for them and supported them and praised them So, how can you now denounce, in the harshest terms, Republicans who have the same position as Hillary and Barack did before they "evolved".  You have no idea if these people you are denouncing now will also "evolve" on the issue in the future. 

First, let's hear Hillary's non-equivocal definition of marriage up until a few years ago:

Next let's hear Hillary's strong position of "state's rights" on the issue of same sex marriage just a few years ago as Senator Hillary Clinton:

Now let's hear Barack Obama running for president in 2008 when asked by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church what his definition of marriage was:

All I am asking for those on the left who are using vitriolic language now, to use the same respectful language on those you disagree now that you used when you disagreed with both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when they said that marriage was the "sacred" union of a man and woman with "God in the mix," and also when Hillary Clinton said that a state shouldn't be forced to recognize a marriage that their state doesn't recognize.  

Both sides can disagree, and argue against another person's position on the issue, but both sides should be respectful to the other side and use positive language in their disagreement.

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