Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Left Sinks To A New Low In Amtrak Train Tragedy

On Tuesday, May 12, Amtrak Train #188, going 106 miles an hour entering a turn at more than double the speed limit, derailed in Philadelphia killing at least 7 people and injuring more than 200.  From the NY Times: "The crash occurred on a stretch of the Northeast Corridor — the Washington, D.C.-to-Boston business and commuter route."  "Survivors who emerged battered and bloodied described a chaotic scene, with passengers thrown against walls, furniture and each other, and luggage and other loose items flying through the air and falling on terrified riders."

With the search still going on for survivors and loved ones just finding out about the awful tragedy, that didn't stop some liberal politicians from trying to capitalize politically on this heart wrenching accident.  These disgusting politicians [sorry for being redundant] were implying that it was the Republicans to blame for this deadly accident, saying it was lack of funding for infrastructure projects.  Can you believe that?  Families of those deceased haven't even been able to view their loved ones yet, much less bury them, but that hasn't stopped a few low life politicians trying to turn this into a political situation.  

How low can you go?  And besides that, how the hell can they blame lack of infrastructure money for causing this accident when the engineer [as the investigation goes on why] had the train going over twice the speed limit around a dangerous curve.  That is delusional rhetoric besides being sickening political rhetoric in the wake of a tragedy.  Think about it.  It would be like if the speed limit on a freeway is 65 MPH and a driver drives his vehicle at 130 MPH which causes a crash and loss of life, and liberals came out and blamed the GOP for lack of infrastructure highway spending on the accident and loss of life.  It's mind boggling.

Megyn Kelly, host of The Kelly Files on the Fox News Channel, brought this out on her show with guest Chris Stirewalt.  In the following video look how Chris Stirewalt is shaking his head as he is stunned after watching a video of politicians [and I'm sad to say included one Republican] blaming the lack of spending for the tragedy.  Chris' response that, that kind of political rhetoric is "reckless", is what I believe every decent thinking American has after hearing that indecent talk. 
Chris Stirewalt

Megyn Kelly host of The Kelly Files

Watch this great segment on the Kelly Files of the politicians on the left sinking to a new low.

May 13, 2015: segment of The Kelly Files with Megyn Kelly interviewing Chris Stirewalt: [please turn up the volume]

Bravo, Megyn Kelly and Chris Stirewalt for exposing this new low by some politicians on the left.  Thank you!

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