Thursday, May 21, 2015

Greg Gutfeld's Rant On Obama's Statement That Climate Change Has Fueled The Way For Boco Haram

President Obama in a commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy made, in my humble opinion, one of the stupidest statements ever made by a president of the United States.  In calling climate change the most immediate danger to national security and a threat to the United States, he actually implied that global warming has fueled the way for terrorist groups, like Boco Haram, to come in and do there inhumane terrorist acts of evil [like kidnapping and raping Christian girls].  

In a segment on this statement on the afternoon Fox News Show "The Five", introduced by Kimberly Guilfoyle, the great quipster of The Five, Greg Gutfeld, went on a short rant about what president Obama had implied.  This rant you must hear. 

May 20, 2015: The Five, segment on Obama calling GW the most immediate threat to the USA:

First we "learn" from Obama that the Muslim terrorists aren't really Muslims, and now we learn, that if it wasn't for the evil United States, the droughts around the world wouldn't have happened and given rise to the terrorist groups in the first place.

In the words of the infamous congressman, James Traficant, "Beam me up, Scotty."
Update:  My brother, Bradley Beckman, made this great comment on Face Book when I posted this:  "So fossil fuels are the cause of beheadings, anti- semitism, the killing of Catholics and burning of churches, the raping of young girls, world wide terror--- I guess, based on that idiotic logic, we can conclude that fossil fuels only affect Muslim terrorists, since 99.99999 % of all terror in world committed by one religion---- is it possible that Obama is suffering from brain atrophy, perhaps an MRI is in order."

I replied on Face Book: 
"Yeah that's a good point I didn't think of brother.  I wonder why you don't see Jews, Christians, Hindus or atheists behead people because of Global warming-maybe GW only affects Muslims."

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