Friday, May 29, 2015

Incredible Bruise Didn't Stop Incredible Play By J.J. Watt

Update: May 28, 2015:  Hat/Tip to Mike Meltser, co-host [with Seth Payne] of Sports Radio 610's "Mad Radio" show in the mornings on local Houston sports radio.  

The following post just has been confirmed by J.J. Watt himself in an interview he did on a local radio show.  J.J. admitted he indeed did get that bruise in a play in the first half of the game against the Buffalo Bills.  J.J. said that he got it as he was being blocked by the running back of the Bills, Fred Jackson.  He had kept this photo, but of course didn't want to release it during the season as he felt it would be embarrassing.  He remembered it a couple of weeks ago and just released it in May of this year.  So, the narrative "The Tales" put out in this story I originally published on May 22, 2015 has now been confirmed by the man himself, J.J. Watt.
 Incredible Bruise Didn't Stop Incredible Play By J.J. Watt(originally published on May 22. 2015)

On Sept. 27, 2014 the Houston Texans played the Buffalo Bills in Houston's Reliant Stadium.  This picture has just come out about this incredible [had to be incredibly painful] bruise J. J. Watt got in the first half of the game.  

Playing with that bruise, early in the second half with the Texans struggling the whole game and behind 10-7 and the Bills driving for what looked like another score, J.J. Watt did this:

That play turned the game around and the Texans went on to win, 23-17.

The man who finished second in the MVP vote
While the NFL may not have voted him #1, they can't take away that he is #1 in Houston Texans fans hearts!   Go Texans!

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