Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hillary, Knowing What You Know Now...

Frankly, my dear, I am getting fed up with the main stream media's "gotcha questions" aimed at only the Republican candidates running for president, the main one being, "knowing what you know now, would you have sent troops into Iraq?", followed up by "was Bush right in sending troops into Iraq?"

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I thought George W Bush hasn't been president for more than 6 years now and there is a new occupant in the White House.  Call me crazy, but wouldn't a more relevant question [if the main stream media was really interested in answers and not at "gotcha you evil GOP candidates"] be to ask a question about policies of this president, Barack H Obama, and would they continue those same policies if they were in the White House?

I can't fully blame the main stream media for only asking these questions to the GOP candidates for president because the only legitimate candidate running on the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton, hasn't made herself available to the main stream media for a prolonged period of time to answer any questions.  

Of course, if she did make herself available [for more than a few minutes] to answer "tough" questions, do you really believe the main stream liberal media would ask her those tough questions?  If you do, I have a fine bridge I want to sell you down here in Houston.

Realizing that the media won't be a fair watch dog and ask Hillary the tough questions as they do the Republicans running for president, I as an average American citizen, am putting these questions out there for Hillary to avoid...I mean answer.  

These are not "gotcha" questions, but I think legitimate questions for her to answer, so the American people can make a fair judgement about her candidacy.

   Hillary, knowing what you know now:
1.  would you have blamed the vast right wing conspiracy for your husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky, saying that they made it all up?

2.  would you have removed all US forces from Iraq as Barack Obama did, leaving the vacuum that undid the victory that US troops obtained there and that has let ISIS gain a strong foothold there?

3.  would you, unlike Barack Obama, have supported the young people, during the green revolution in Iran in 2009 who were yearning for freedom and hoping to overthrow the illegitimate government there?

4.  would you have removed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the US Embassy before the terrorist attack that took their lives?

5.  would you have provided Ambassador Christopher Stevens the added security he was begging you for, prior to the terrorist attack in Benghazi that took his and three other great patriots lives?

6.  would you still have looked the grieving parents of the 4 great patriots who lost their lives in Benghazi and blamed the attack on an American You Tube video maker?

7.  would you still have let Susan Rice go on the Sunday news shows in your place following the terrorist attack in Benghazi which cost the lives of the four great American patriots and let her spew out the lie that it was a You Tube video that was responsible for the violence and the loss of those Americans?

8.  would you, along with president Obama, still have made a video that went on Pakistan TV apologizing for a US video maker who made a You Tube video "dissing" the president's, I mean, dissing the prophet of Islam?

9.  would you still have scolded Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Israel for building homes in their own country?

10.  would you have done anything different in your stint as the Secretary of State? 

Should I hold my breath for any of these questions to be asked and or for any of these questions to be answered by Queen Hillary?    Don't worry for any of you fans of the Tales, I know better.

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