Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hall of Fame Baseball Announcer Vin Scully

Houston Sports 610 announcers Nick Wright and John Lopez
I heard an audio on the local Houston sports show on Wednesday morning, "In The Loop" with Nick Wright and John Lopez, on Sports Radio 610, of the legendary baseball announcer of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Vin Scully, relating a personal story of the Atlanta Braves outfielder Johnny Gomes while the game was going on.  

Hearing it revealed why the 59 year Hall of Fame announcer with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Vin Scully, is so beloved and has such long lasting popularity.

Hall of Fame Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball announcer, Vin Scully
What I loved about hearing the TV broadcast of the game by Vin Scully, he was telling the personal story of Gomes and also announcing Gomes time at bat at the same time without missing a beat.  It was great. 

This from Major League Baseball Fan Site:  "When Vin Scully talks, we listen. During Monday night’s Braves-Dodgers game, Scully narrated a story about Braves outfielder Jonny Gomes…and how he was once attacked by a wolf as a child."  

In the fan web site, I can't believe some fans were actually criticizing Scully for this.  I applaud him for this and think this is what makes him so beloved by baseball fans. 

May 25, 2015: Vin Scully tells personal story of young Johnny Gomes, while announcing his at bat vs the Dodgers :

This from the official web site of Vin Scully:  "Vin Scully, whose status as one of the top sportscasters in history was reaffirmed recently when he was named as “baseball’s all-time best broadcaster,” is in his 59th season as the “Voice of the Dodgers.” The Hall of Famer’s 59 years of consecutive service with the Dodgers is the longest of any current sports broadcaster with one team.  In the 2005 book “Voices of Summer” by Curt Smith, Scully was named as baseball's all-time best broadcaster based on “longevity, continuity, network coverage, kudos, language, popularity, persona, voice knowledge and miscellany.”  

From MLB You TubeHere is Vin Scully announcing Hank Aaron's historic 715th home run which surpassed Babe Ruth's long standing record on April 8, 1974 in Atlanta:

Tales congratulates Hall of Fame broadcaster, Vin Scully, for his long and continuing baseball broadcasting of excellence.  He is definitely near the top, if not the top baseball announcers of all time.  As Bum Phillips would say, it wouldn't take long to call the roll of the best of the best baseball announcers, and Vin Scully's name would be one of those few that were called.


bradley said...

Vince , along with Harry Carey , jack buck, and Ernie harwell , are the mt Rushmore of talented, fun, hall of fame quality announcers. Listening to the games on radio, when they announced, was literally more fun than watching! Truly remarkable that Scully is still so perfect and still announcing with such vigor.

Big Mike said...

I agree Brad. I think most would put Vince #1, I would lean toward Jack Buck. Both fantastic along with Carey and Harwell.