Friday, May 15, 2015

Clutch City II?

The Houston Rockets, down 3 games to 1 to the LA Clippers, after having been blown out and embarrassed in the two previous games, come back home and give a supreme effort and surprisingly win to cut it to 3 games to 2.   Then they go back to LA, the scene of the embarrassment, where they surely will lose the game and the series and will hope for a better next year scenario.  In this game, they are getting blown out and embarrassed again.  

Down by 19 points [89-70] in the third quarter, 18 points late in the third quarter and 13 points going into the 4th quarter, Kevin, "cajones" McHale goes to his bench, leaving MVP candidate James Harden on the bench, and two Daryl Morey acquisitions [that he was being highly criticized for by Charles Barkley on TNT] Josh Smith and Corey Brewer, led an amazing, improbable, miracle comeback to win the game 119-107.   

Mid season acquisitions by Rockets GM Daryl Morey, Corey Brewer and Josh Smith
They outscored the Clippers [on the road] 49-18 down the stretch.    Think about that.  The Rockets were down 18 points late in the third quarter, on the road, in a close out game..if they lose their season is over, somehow find the heart to not only comeback and win, but win big.   Amazing! 

Can they possibly come back to Houston and close out this rare accomplishment of being down 3-1 to win the series and bring back memories to Houston Rocket fans of the 1994-1995 Clutch City, Rockets?   Win or lose Sunday, the Rockets have made Houston fans proud and completely wiped out those negative memories of the blow out games they experienced in games 3 and 4. 

Thank you, Houston Rockets!

First, here are memories of the 1995 Clutch City Rockets, playoff game 7 on the road against the Phoenix Suns, the game known as the "kiss of death" game:

Clutch City!  Game 7 Rockets at Phoenix Suns:

That was then, and this is now:

Clutch City II?  2015 Playoff Game 6 at LA Clippers:


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