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A Rush To Judgement? - UPDATE July 27, 2016

A Rush To Judgement? - published May 7, 2015 [UPDATE at bottom]

Maryland State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, has been rightfully criticized in my opinion for bringing politics in her statement, because when she announced the charges she brought against the six Baltimore police officers, she used the words of the protestors on the street of "no justice, no peace" in her statement.  She said she heard the young people's cries around the nation and she would bring justice for Freddie Gray.  Sorry, Mrs. Mosby, but that is not your job to bring justice for just one of the parties, but to bring justice for all the people of Maryland, and that not only includes Freddie Gray but also the six police officers you have charged. 

But what may even be worse than the state attorney's political statement, she may have also made a rush to judgement in her charges, as we found out from a report by Greta Van Susteran on her Tuesday night's "On the Record" show on the Fox News Channel.

Breaking News from Greta Van Susteran's "On The Record" 
In the "On the Record" segment it was reported by Peter Doocy, reporter for the Fox News Channel, that one of the officer's charged with making an illegal arrest of Freddie Gray, Ofc. Edward Nero, says that it was not an illegal arrest because the knife that Freddie Gray had that day opened automatically with a flick of the wrist, which under Maryland law would be illegal if concealed.  

The officer said if anyone was caught with that knife they would have been arrested.  Edward Nero is demanding that Mosby reveal the knife in court because it would show that, contrary to what he prosecutor Mosby stated, the knife was not legal and therefore the arrest was legal. [If true, that would immediately, in my opinion, have the charges against the two arresting officers who were charged with making an illegal arrest, dropped.]  Then it would begin to undermine the state prosecutor's whole case. 
Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero
Watch this riveting segment from Greta Van Susteran's "On the Record" show from May 5, 2015.  First you will see the report from Peter Doocy and then a great discussion Greta has with very important comments from former D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams and prosecuting attorney, Katie Phang

May 5, 2015: "On The Record" segement

Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby - A rush to judgement?  A rush to injustice?


UPDATE: July 27, 2016:  Finally after Maryland's Attorney for Baltimore, MD, Marilyn Mosby, could not gain a conviction against four of the 6 Baltimore police officers she charged in the death of Freddie Gray, she has announced that all remaining charges have been dropped.

Finally justice has been done.  If you ask how can I say justice has been done because there were no convictions, well justice doesn't just mean a finding of guilt, it also applies if there are no convictions. The fact that there has now been a resolution in this case by the court in three of the cases [and in another case a split jury] and now by the dropping of all charges by the State's prosecutor, we can say, justice has been done. 

There is one thing, in my opinion, Marilyn Mosby should have added in her announcement that she didn't announce: her resignation.

UPDATE 2, July 27, 2016 at 12:45 pm:  Wow, I just heard Marilyn Mosby the Baltimore MD prosecutor for the state say in anger she had to drop the prosecutions in the Freddie Gray case saying the whole system was unfair and that's why she couldn't get any prosecutions. And then this idiot [a prosecutor who should know better] say that it was UNFAIR that she wasn't able to choose if it was a jury trial or not. That's she that dumb she doesn't understand our system of law that it's the defendant's right to choose whether they want a jury trial or not....not the prosecutor. She must resign now....what an embarrassment for the people of Maryland.

Marilyn Mosby announcement: July 27, 2016 Introduced by Wolf Blitzer on his afternoon CNN show:

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