Tuesday, April 7, 2015

There Must Be One Non-Negotiable Issue In The Middle East Prior To Any Negotiations

What is going on here?  Am I the only one who thinks the fact that we are even negotiating with Iran is crazy?

Whether it is America's talks with Iran about their nuclear program or Israel's talks with the Palestinian Authority regarding a Palestinian state, there should [and must] be one issue that must be agreed to by Iran and the Palestinian Authority before any talks take place.

That non-negotiable issue:  The legitimacy of Israel as the Jewish state.

Israel: non-negotiable
Is that too much to ask?   How in God's name are negotiations even taking place with a country that not only doesn't recognize the state of Israel, but says it wants to wipe Israel off the map.  Anything Iran says or agrees to in any negotiations without that recognition is meaningless.  If Iran refuses to agree to this one obvious fact, one would have to be delusional to trust them in any negotiations because that means they still have the objective to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews there.  With that goal of theirs, they obviously will cheat in any concession they would supposedly agree to in order to enhance their objective of destroying Israel.  

Also, when I say Iran must agree to this non-negotiable issue, they must do so not just in English to one part of the world, but they also must do so in Farsi, their language, to the Iranian people.  

And to prove they are serious they must also not just say that Israel is the legitimate state of the Jewish people, the Mullahs and "elected" leaders of Iran must also sign a document that the state of Israel is legitimate and they agree it is the Jewish state.

If Iran's leaders on TV and in a signed agreement with witnesses state without qualification that Israel is a legitimate state and it is the state of the Jewish people, then, and only then should talks begin.

This should also be a pre-qualification for any talks to begin between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.   There should be no talks between Israel and the P.A. regarding a Palestinian state without the P.A. submitting to their people, on TV and in a signed written agreement the legitimacy of Israel as the Jewish state. Without that acknowledgement by the Palestinian Authority,  there should never be a Palestinian state

Also, even if the Palestinian Authority recognizes the legitimacy of the state of Israel as the Jewish state but then they align themselves with a terrorist group like Hamas which does not recognize the state of Israel and wants to destroy Israel, then the Palestinian Authority should not be allowed to have their own state.  

The legitimacy of the state of Israel as the Jewish state is non-negotiable and should never be in my opinion.   

Again I ask, is this too much to ask?


bradley said...

They're couldn't be anyone with their head in sand and naive enough to not agree with your rhetorical and obvious post is there?? Oh wait a minute.........

Big Mike said...

You said it right brother. :-)