Friday, April 3, 2015

The Tales Tweet of the Week -April 3, 2015

Once again, the every now and then, periodic famous Tales tweet of the week appears this Good Friday, beginning of Passover at sundown, Friday April 3, 2015.  

This tweet of the week comes out of a series of tweets begun by the Tales himself [or is that herself or to be politically correct should that be person self?]

The question first coming from the tweet of moi   "The discussions with Iran seemed to center on the breakout time for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon, Am I missing something--Shouldn't it be never?"

Then a reply came from one of the previous winners of the Tweet of the Week, Jack from NYC aka @Talkradio200 Comrade Obama says it is never. Iran says the time is now. Who to believe?"

With those two tweets in mind, another previous famous winner of the Tweet of the Week, the patriot from Arizona, "servative" replied with what the Tales vast research team [me] has decided is the Tales Tweet of the Week on this Holy Week. 

Without further ado: 
the Tales Tweet of the Week
"What's sad is I believe Iran over Obama.  But Netanyahu over both."

This tweet has been so powerful, it is still being ReTweeted as Tales types this now.   Congratulations Servative on being a two timer.....errr .... a two time winner of the Tales Tweet of the Week.

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