Friday, September 2, 2016

The New Nixon

As the Tales prepares for a vacation next week with the fetching Mrs. B to a location so secret I can never and will never tell, and anyway if I did want to tell what goes there stays there so it wouldn't make a difference-I hope you don't mind these oldies but goodies, best of the Tales.

From April of 2015:

Watch how magically the new Nixon flawlessly takes over the mantle from the old Nixon in this Tales exclusive video.

Warning This video is rated S for scary.  No one under the age of 13 may view without  adult supervision.  Also, anyone with a heart condition, please take your medication before viewing.

The New Nixon

The new Nixon doing tricks the old Nixon only dreamed about. 


Anonymous said...

Indeed Scary as all heck 😳
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

yes it is Krissy in Austin! thanks!

Joel said...

LOL! Good selection of quotations!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel! A Good Friday to you and Harry!