Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Five Panel Discusses Kirsten Powers Important Column Against Christian Persecution

Kirsten Powers - this Christian is not silent in the face of evil
God Bless Kirsten Powers who has been willing to criticize a fellow Democrat, President Obama in his shameful [my word] unwillingness to call out the Muslim Jihadists inhumane evil slaughter of Christians in Muslim countries.  On April 21, 2015 Kirsten Powers wrote this column in the USA Today: "Christians Thrown Overboard Left To drown By Obama"  In that column Kirsten says, "Obama only mentions Christians to lecture them, rather than defend them from persecution."

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015 the Fox News Channel afternoon show called "The Five" discussed Kirsten's important column and on Obama's Silence on Christian persecution by Muslims. 

Accompanying a video of that "The Five" segment, I posted these comments on my Face Book page:  " Many people, like me, have wondered, how could the world have just stood by and let the Holocaust of 6 million Jews happen and not stop it. And that was before the internet and instant news around the world...Now we are witnessing the persecution and killing of Christians by Muslim Jihadists right before our eyes, on our TV screens and the silence is deafening from the world leaders.  Our president is the leader of the head in the sand Neville Chamberlain's--He's even sickeningly worse as not only won't he acknowledge the murder of Christians by Islamists, he instead has condemned the Christians "lest they get on their high horse".  As a Jew who cries in remembrance of the world's allowing the Holocaust to happen, I will not be silent in the wake of this happening to my Christian brothers and sisters."

Julie Roginsky on "The Five"

In this video of "The Five" segment on April 21, I must give special KUDOs to liberal Democrat Julie Roginsky who gained a lot of respect in my eyes by admitting she has had a 180 degree complete turn around in opinion, and she can no longer justify president Obama's silence in this actual religious war and persecution by radical Muslims waged against Christians.  That makes me even feel better that I put Julie in my post a while back of the top 10 liberal pundits who I actually like on TV

Please watch this important segment of "The Five" from Tuesday.

The Five Discusses Kirsten Powers column on April 21, 2015:

Once again the great Five panel of Eric Bolling, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Julie Roginsky discuss the real important issues of the day that are ignored by the Obama sycophant leftist main stream media.  Thank you and God bless! 


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