Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rand Paul, Lecturing Conservatives?

About a week ago I published this post entitled "No To Rand Paul".  

I feel even stronger about that after hearing Rand Paul being interviewed by Chuck Todd on his Meet the Press show this last Sunday April 12, 2015.  This seems to have gone below the radar screen but Tales was there to catch it. There was one specific answer Paul gave to one of Chuck Todd's questions that really upset me as it felt like Paul was lecturing to us conservatives.

I felt so strong about it, that I posted the following on my Face Book page on Monday April 14.  Here is what I posted:  

"On the Sunday news shows I heard Rand Paul being interviewed by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press.  He made a comment that brought back memories of Obama's sickening [in the wake of Christians having their heads being cut off by Islamic terrorists]  lecturing Christians with his "lest ye get on your high horse..." statement. 

This time Rand Paul was lecturing conservatives.  Todd brought up some of the opposition to Paul by some conservative groups because Paul was right in there with Obama eager to negotiate with Iran, despite Iran being a sponsor of terrorism and wanting to eliminate Israel as the Jewish state.  Rand Paul said "for all you conservatives who have a knee jerk reaction opposing Obama's negotiations with Iran, you must have forgotten that Ronald Reagan negotiated with the Soviet Union" about nuclear weapons.  

This lecturing to conservatives was bad enough, but it was a totally false analogy in so many ways.  To compare Barack Obama to Ronald Reagan is a joke.  No one doubted Reagan's negotiating through strength, especially the Soviet Union.  No one today respects Obama's negotiating skills because he is doing so from a position of weakness.  

Reagan was willing to walk out on the Soviet Union from the Reykjavik summit.  Does anyone believe Obama will walk out on his buddies in Iran?  I hope I'm proved to be wrong, but I will be surprised if he does.

Also, the Soviet Union already had nuclear weapons.  That is not the situation we have now where we are trying to prevent an evil terrorist regime from developing nuclear weapons to use against [using  Iran leaders own words] "the little Satan" Israel and "the big Satan" America.  

While Gorbachev and the Soviets were far from beacons of democracy, Reagan was at least dealing with sane people who I think most pundits would say were not anxious for a nuclear war.  Does anyone doubt that if Iran develops nuclear weapons they won't have any reluctance to use them, especially against Israel? 

Also, while I am not discounting the evilness of the Soviet Union, I don't believe they ever threatened to wipe Israel off the map.  When you have a country in Iran that wants to do exactly that, that is a very important distinction that Rand Paul doesn't much seem to understand [at best] or doesn't worry about [at worst]. 

We conservatives get enough lecturing from Obama, we don't need any more lecturing from someone who is supposedly on our team."

Was this Rand Paul's "Lest you conservatives get on your high horse" statement?
I guess that is why I am a conservative and not a libertarian.  On economic issues, libertarians are mostly in line with conservatives and have some good ideas many of which I agree with.  But on foreign policy and national security issues, libertarians are far from conservative in my opinion.  I also don't like their tendency to do what Rand Paul did when talking with Chuck Todd, that is to lecture conservatives.  

So, I must say Rand Paul, no.

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