Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No To Rand Paul

Hat tip:   Foundation For A Secure And Prosperous America

I must admit there was a rousing start to the Rand Paul for president roll out in Louisville, KY, with the optics of an excited, boisterous approving young audience cheering his every word. 

Rand Paul has a solid base with his libertarian bent that includes not just those libertarians his father garnered but also some younger members of the Republican Party; but his wanting to strongly lessen America's influence in the world by pulling back, trending toward an isolationist foreign policy [as former VP Dick Cheney believes], will be his downfall as a GOP candidate, in my opinion.

Libertarian err Republican candidate for president, Rand Paul
There are three main problems I have with Rand Paul's candidacy in the Republican primaries.

1. His tendency to want to pull back in the world and support for a smaller military.  With the evil [i.e., Islamic Jihadists like ISIS and Al Qaeda and Boco Haram, et. al.] that is going on in the world, this is not the time to lessen our military strength or be unwilling to use our military to confront that evil.   If there is one thing the GOP stands for it is for a strong America with a strong military so we can have peace through strength, and for using all the tools needed [including drone strikes against Americans who join the enemy to kill Americans] to confront evil anywhere in the world where we realistically can.  I believe this will be a strong national security election and that means we need a strong national security president.  That is not Rand Paul, in my humble opinion.

2. Being a strong supporter of Israel, I have a big problem with going for another president who is not totally supportive of Israel.  I am not saying Rand Paul is anti-Israel, like the current occupant in the White House has been, but I just sense the feeling [and maybe this is not fair] Rand will be more like his Dad, Ron Paul, in his less than total support for the Jewish state.  For example, today, Tuesday April 7 on the Sean Hannity radio show, Sean asked Rand Paul if he were president would he even negotiate with Iran if they didn't recognize Israel's right to exist.  Rand ignored that question to say how bad the Iran deal was and that how Iran was contradicting what the president said the deal was about.  Great Rand, but that didn't answer the question.   Sean asked him again, would he try to make a deal with a country that wants to wipe Israel off the map, and Rand, while saying the right things how he had trouble with the deal the president was negotiating and that he wanted congress to approve the deal before it would go through, never gave the answer I wanted to hear him say, "hell no, I wouldn't negotiate with a country that doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist."

3. While Rand Paul has many strong avid supporters for his presidency, after he doesn't win the nomination, I am really worried many of  these supporters, who are not true Republicans but in reality just Paul supporters, will then stay home in 2016.  That will be a big problem for the GOP to win the presidency if that actually materializes.  

I remember when his Dad, Ron Paul, ran for president in 2012 and after he didn't win, it was like pulling teeth to finally get him to reluctantly support Mitt Romney the GOP nominee, and I am sure that reluctance was a signal to his supporters to sit out the election if they felt "principle" moved them.  I can see the exact same scenario happening here with Rand Paul after he fails to win the nomination.  

While Rand Paul had a rousing start to his campaign, like I mentioned above, he also has already garnered opposition from some conservative Republican groups who believe we need a strong national security president.  

Check out this video from Foundations for a secure and prosperous America which actually links Paul to Obama on national security.

Sanctions video from Foundation for a secure and prosperous America:

I say no to Rand Paul's foreign policy and candidacy.

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