Friday, April 17, 2015

Cal Thomas Gives The Quip of The Week

Well, now that Hillary Clinton has put her hat in the ring...or is that her pantsuit in the ring...we will soon be witnessing the main stream media's love affair with her, if they can grudgingly break itself away from their first love, Barack Obama.

Yes, rather than taking the traditional important watchdog role of exposing corruption and critically examining the powerful in government, we are about to witness, I predict [and I'm really going out on a limb here] that the liberal media will soon be in full campaign mode for their guy....err gal, Hillary.

With that in mind political pundit, and Town Hall and Jewish World Review columnist Cal Thomas, who gives these one minute commentaries on the radio that focus on the social and political issues of the day, gave what I consider to be the quip of the week with his commentary I heard on one of the breaks on Bill Bennett's "Morning In America" show on Monday April 13, 2015.

Cal Thomas gave what I believe will prove to be very perceptive of the actions of covering Hillary Clinton's campaign by the liberal main stream media in this one brilliant quip, that Tales will deem to be the quip of the week:

"The liberal media treated Barack Obama like the Messiah, they will treat Hillary Clinton like the Virgin Mary."            

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