Monday, April 13, 2015

All Lives, Hillary?

After the sad death of Walter Scott, from South Carolina, who was shot in the back by police patrolman, Michael Slager, who was immediately fired and charged with capital murder, presidential Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted -with my question noted in the brackets:  

"@HillaryClinton Praying for 's family. Heartbreaking & "too familiar" [really Hillary, it's familiar that policemen shoot and kill black men in the back?].  We can do better - rebuild trust, reform justice system, respect all lives." 

Hillary, respect all lives, Clinton
Wow, what an amazing compassionate and profound statement by Hillary - "respect all lives". 

With that in mind, I wonder what Hillary Clinton must have thought when she heard this heartless comment made by this high public official [probably a right wing Republican] before a congressional committee just the other day when talking about the shooting [note: this official was pounding his [her] fist on the table with self righteous anger when making this incompassionate statement]:  

"Whether he was killed by a policeman, shot in the back as he was walking down the street or whether lightning came down and killed him, what difference, at this point, does it make?"

Only a heartless human being would make such a disgusting statement as that about a fellow human being's death, right Grandma? 

Yes, Walter Scott's life mattered.  I pray for his heart broken parents, Walter Scott Sr. and Judy Scott, and of his family and friends.  No man should be shot in the back like that.  May God ease their pain. 

    RIP: Walter Scott - God Bless Walter Sr. and Judy Scott

And a word to Hillary, "what difference does it make" Clinton, who I understand announced her candidacy today, Sunday, April, 12:  It made and still does make a lot of difference to the grieving family members, whether it makes a difference to you or not.  

It makes a lot of difference to these hero family members, Hillary

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