Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Do You Get When You Combine Netanyahu And Obama - One Great Leader

If this doesn't show the difference between a true great leader on the one hand and a sniveling, childish, in over his head, community organizer on the other hand, nothing will. 

Despite all of the disrespect Bibi Netanyahu and the state of Israel has gotten from Barack Hussein Obama over the last 6 years, Bibi Netanyahu has gone before AIPAC [and I am sure will do the same in his speech before congress] and has given the utmost respect to the president of the United States and also has announced the importance of the continued strong bi-partisan American support for the Jewish state of Israel. 

Even with that great respect that Bibi Netanyahu has shown president Obama, what does the president's spokesperson Josh Earnest say about the president's consideration of Prime Minister Netanyahu's words while he is here?  That Obama just didn't have the time to hear the Prime Minister of Israel's speech before AIPAC and he probably won't have the time to hear all [if any] of Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before congress. 

So, now we know that Obama not only won't meet with the Prime Minister of Israel while he is here, but even worse, he just won't have the time to listen to his speech at this critical time in history.  Just think about this, we are talking about the president of the United States who is so petty that he reveals his complete lack of respect for the state of Israel by his not even finding the time to listen to the Prime Minister of that country's speech while he is here in this country.  

What does all this tell me?
What a great leader Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is.
What a little man Barack Obama is. 

This from Politico: "White House Won't Watch All Of Netanyahu Speech":   "White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that he does not believe President Barack Obama will watch Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s entire speech to Congress tomorrow."   "Earnest said that he did not believe that Obama had watched Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC."

Respected great leader of his country
Little man in the White House

I almost want to say, what a jerk, but I will show more respect to the president than he is showing the Prime Minister.   Also, if I did call him that I would find the need to apologize to all jerks. 
Update:  March 3, 2015:   I just heard the historic, riveting, powerful speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and I posted my first reaction on FaceBook:  

"What a powerful, stirring speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו that made me as a Jew so proud beyond belief. "Israel is asking for no one's help to defend ourselves. If we must stand alone, we will stand alone. But we are not alone, we have America on our side." 

"Forget that it is Iran, an Islamic republic vs ISIS, an Islamic State--they are both on the same side as they are both radical Islamists and the only thing they are fighting each other over is who will control that Islamic empire- So, as far as ISIS is concerned -The enemy of your enemy is your enemy"

"It still gets me how small and petty our president is.... he sent representatives to the Michael Brown funeral...a guy who attacked a police officer, yet didn't send one person to represent the administration to hear the Prime Minister of Israel. How small a man is he?"

What a thunderous rousing ovation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got!!! 

Shame on those 56 Democrats and not one member of the Obama administration- all who refused to show up.

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