Monday, March 16, 2015

Praying For Israel As Elections Arrive [with update video]

God Bless Israel
With the important Israeli elections now here, I am praying for Israel and the people of Israel during this critical time during which Iran is "negotiating" with the clueless [or the could care less] Obama administration to retain their capacity to make nuclear weapons with which to destroy Israel, and with all of the other terrorism and unrest that is going on in the Middle East.

I am praying God grants the wisdom to the Israeli people to go into the booth to make the right decision that will enhance the survival of the Jewish state.  With what is going on in the world today, that could very well be what is at stake.  

If I were an Israeli Jew I would be voting Likud and for Bibi Netanyahu to remain as Prime Minister, as I see him as a strong leader, especially on the national security front, and the one best able to stand up to the Obama administration when needed.

Uma Pemmaraju
Uma Pemmaraju is host of the Saturday early afternoon news show on the Fox News Channel.  Uma Pemmaraju is, in my opinion, one of the unsung gems of the Fox News Channel. 

On Saturday, March 14, 2015, Uma spoke with the great Israel patriot and former Deputy Defense Minister, Danny Danon.  

Uma Pemmaraju is a great interviewer and you will see that in her interview with Danny Danon.

Danny Danon
Danny Danon, the Chariman of the Central Committee of the Likud Party, tells how he is worried about the outcome of the elections and that it is critical for Benjamin Netanyahu to remain as Prime Minister.  

He reminds that it will take 61 votes [in a coalition] in the120 member Knesset to form a government and to determine the Prime Minister. 

That is important to remember, because even if, as it looks like, Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party falls a couple of seats behind the Zionist Union Party on election night, Benjamin Netanyahu could still show that he is better able to form a majority coalition in the Knesset, and he could once again be designated to remain as the Prime Minister of Israel.    

In fact, this is what happened in 2009 when Netanyahu became Prime Minister.  His Likud Party actually lost by a seat to the Kadima Party, but Netanyahu was able to get a majority coalition and was given the approval by President Shimon Perez to form a majority in the Knesset, which he did, and was elected Prime Minister.   Once again in 2013, Netanyahu was designated by the Knesset as Prime Minister as Bibi was able to form a majority coalition.  

Because of disagreements with the governing coalition, Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to call for [two years] early elections in 2015 for what will be the 20th Knesset.  Tomorrow, Tuesday March 17 the elections will be held and we will find out [maybe - but it may not be clear yet] what will happen.

Uma Pemmaraju interviews Likud member Danny Danon March 14, 2015:

I pray that the strong leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, remains the Prime Minister, at least during the last two years of the non-supportive Obama administration. 

Praying for Israel!
Update:  Greta Van Susteran on her Fox News Show on Monday night March 16, 2015 had on Karl Rove who showed how the Obama administration is interfering in the Israel elections to stop Prime Minister Netanyahu from winning another term.  I am praying the people of Israel realize this and will make sure Obama is not successful.  President Obama does not have Israel's best interests at heart and would sell Israel out in a second.   Here is the video of Karl Rove on Greta's show.

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