Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mark Levin: "Let's Have A Discussion About The Obama Administation's Anti-Semitism"

Mark Levin - "the great one"
Conservative talk show radio host and best selling author, Mark Levin, aka "the great one", was interviewed by Sean Hannity on the Sean Hannity TV Show on the Fox News Channel, on Wednesday night March 18, about the results of the Israeli election and president Obama's disgraceful reaction to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's landslide win.

Anyone who has listened to the great one's radio show knows this lawyer and former member of the Reagan administration minces no words in his no holds barred rhetoric of truth.  

Mark Levin did not disappoint on Sean Hannity's show.  Levin said he wanted to say this clearly:  The Attorney General, Eric Holder said America is a nation of cowards because we won't have a discussion on race, well "I think this nation needs to have a discussion on what is going on in this White House and this administration with antisemitism."

Then Levin gave examples of Obama's relying on anti-Semitic friends for his policies and then he repeated: "Mr. Holder and Mr. Obama, let's have a national discussion about the antisemitism that reeks from your administration."

When Sean Hannity asked Mark Levin, "do you think this president is anti-Semitic, Mark?", Mark Levin responded, "yes, I personally do."

Listen to Mark Levin at his ranting best and see one reason Levin was given the handle by Sean Hannity as "the great one."  Sean Hannity Show, March 18, 2015:

Mark "The Great One" Levin, strikes again.

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