Tuesday, March 10, 2015

President Obama - Learning From Behind

Well, here we go again.  Mr. Know-nothing president once again finds out about a major news event, just like you and me.  President Obama says he just found out about Hillary's secret e-mail account on the news, just like the rest of us.  In fact, most of us probably knew about Hillary's secret e-mail account before the commander-in-chief did.

In light of that I'd like to do this repeat post from 2014: "Scandals Abound In the Midst of the Know-Nothing President".  [this includes a Tales special singing video at the end :-)]

I can't answer that question until I watch the news.

Scandals Abound In the Midst of the Know-Nothing President:

Well,  another scandal, and once again the most powerful man in the world learned about it [supposedly] in the news, just like you and me.  This scandal is really shameful because it is harming [and resulting in deaths] those who have given so much unselfish patriotic service to our country, our great veterans.  No American deserves this, but especially no veteran deserves this.

Jay Carney on the president learning about the Veterans Administration problems in the news:

Was this a shocking surprise that president Obama learned about this scandal from news reports?  No, because if we are to believe their excuses, I mean stories, they have been disengaged from all the scandals that have swirled in this administration and the commander-in-chief knew nothing about any of them:  "Fast and Furious" gun running, "Benghazi", "NSA" spying on Chancellor Merkel and other ally leaders, justice department spying on reporters, "IRS" targeting conservatives, the Obamacare disastrous website problems, and now the V.A. scandal.

Obama, on when he first learned about the IRS scandal [starts answer on 50 sec mark]:

The great Dr. Charles Krauthammer on Bret Baier's Special Report panel on the Fox News Channel [Monday night, May 19], puts it brilliantly that "the president acts as if he has just stumbled upon the presidency and just now discovered that these [scandals] have happened."

Way back in May of 2013, Wayne Allyn Root on FoxNews.com has a story with the great and well deserved title: "President Obama--The CEO Who Knows Nothing"

Let us be generous and stipulate that the gold medal winner in telling the 'Politifact liar of the year' award is "surprisingly" telling the truth this time [even though I personally don't believe it] and this president knows nothing about anything going on his administration and in fact only learns about the scandals from news reports.  Then even the Democrats would have to admit [from the president's own words] that president Obama is indeed 'Mister know nothing man'.

Yes, sadly in America today, scandals abound are swirling around in the midst of the "know nothing man.":

Most of us realize that president Obama leads from behind.
We now know that he also learns from behind.

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