Monday, March 2, 2015

Greg Gutfeld Exposes Bill Nye As The Real Denier

               Bill Nye - The denier            
One of the biggest voices that the left uses to promote their man-made "Global Warming" fantasy is the "science guy", Bill Nye.

Hey, here's a man who's not afraid to call out those evil, "flat earther", Neanderthal, man-made, "Global Warming" deniers.

Well, now we find out that this favorite of the left may be a denier himself.  Yes, a denier of anti-Semitism. .

Thanks to Greg Gutfeld and the Fox News show, "The Five" panel for calling out this true denier of evil.  On Wednesday. Feb. 25, 2015, "The Five" had this revealing segment of Mr. [too kind of description] Bill Nye, the real denier!

"The Five" segment on Bill Nye, Feb. 25, 2015:

Yes, as Greg Gutfeld says, the science is settled.  Anti-semitism is alive and well today but Bill Nye is in denial.

Bill Nye reveals himself as the "anti-science" guy, at least when it comes to anti-Semitism. 

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