Thursday, February 26, 2015

Well, He Wasn't Lucky, Thomas Friedman

I found this post I did on March 31. 2011, almost four years ago about one of the Obama sycophant "journalists", Thomas Friedman of the NY Times, who while praising Obama's Libya policy of wanting to oust the Libyan dictator, Moammar Khadafi, admitted that there was a lot of hope [and not belief] that such change would be a positive one.  I should have entitled the post, "Praying for luck" but went with, "You Mean It's Come To This"

March 31, 2011: "You Mean It's Come To This":

Who could doubt the opinion of a man with such a serious pose?
Ah, you've got to love those liberal 'intellectuals', like Thomas Friedman. In Wednesday's  New York Times, Mr Friedman has an article called: Looking for luck in Libya.

He opines on what a tough dilemma poor president Obama is in, but so proud he is his president and hopes he can get lucky in Libya.  Oh, it is just so many tough decisions our over worked brilliant president has to make.  The Middle East is very, very tough.

In his last paragraph he talks about this hope and change president...Sure seems to me like a lot of hoping going on here:

"Which is why, most of all, I hope President Obama is lucky. I hope Qaddafi’s [sic] regime collapses like a sand castle, that the Libyan opposition turns out to be decent and united and that they require just a bare minimum of international help to get on their feet. Then U.S. prestige will be enhanced and this humanitarian mission will have both saved lives and helped to lock another Arab state into the democratic camp."

Then he ends his piece with this amazing comment:
"Dear Lord, please make President Obama lucky."
Not please make president Obama wise, or please make president Obama come to the right decisions for our country, or please make president Obama a great leader; but please make president Obama lucky.   Wow!
So, I guess even to the liberal Democrats, on the big issues of the day, the hope and change president has become the hope and pray for luck president.

Februdary 26, 2015 Update:  I am honest when I say that I'm glad Mr. Thomas Friedman is a man of prayer and prayed for our president to be lucky.  Well after almost four years, the results are in.  I think I can say that the Mr. "Hope he's lucky" and change president's luck ran out or, more like it, never started in the first place.

I hope this is yet one example of why in 2016, instead of the American people looking for a "hope and change" president, where even that president's supporters realize the need for luck for him/her to be successful, we turn to a serious leader with competence.

So, I think the motto for the GOP presidential candidate in 2016 should not be "hope and change" like this failed president, but "competence and strength".


The Balladeer said...

Michael, you have finely deconstructed what a pathetically fooooooolish column the "GREAT" THOMAS FRIEDMAN wrote!!! You're on a roll, my friend!!! Get 'em!!!

Big Mike said...

You are the man balladeer!