Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Tales Top Eight College Fight Songs

This is a repeat post of the Tales [i.e., me] favorite college fight songs.   

Note:  My actual favorite is not on the list because it is of course from my school, The University of Houston Cougars.  I think, like everyone who went to college, whatever college you went to, would have your favorite fight song.  But I also, realize that is the reason it is my favorite, and if I wouldn't have gone to the U of H, it wouldn't be my favorite; and since I am trying to give my honest opinion of the top fight songs, I hope you are not offended if your school is not on this list.  

So, here are The Tales Top 8 College Fight Songs in Reverse Order  [don't peak ahead]

# 8    This one is for you, bro Brad! 

University of Texas Longhorns:  "Texas Fight":

# 7    I can't do a list of the greatest college fight songs without including at least one of our great military academy's; here is a great one - as I salute all of the military academy's.

Naval Academy Midshipmen:  "Anchors Aweigh":

# 6   I don't actually know anyone personally who went to this school, but that doesn't stop Tales from putting it as the #6 college fight song in the nation. 

University of Tennessee Volunteers: "Rocky Top":

# 5   This one is for you, Hugh Hewitt [my favorite talk show host]

Ohio State Buckeyes "Across the Field":

# 4  Some will say this next one is not really a fight song, but this has probably the most stirring [will give you goose bumps] beginning of any college songs out there, so I must include it.  Turn up the volume and imagine yourself hearing this sound from the band--If you are for the opposing team, you say to yourself, oh, oh!  Okay, Aaron, you can stand up and cheer this one. 

Texas A & M Fighting Aggies:  "War Hymn":

that's so good, hear it again with the words [which won't be confused as words from "the Bard"]:

# 3  For some reason I can remember this as a little kid liking this fight song, but not even knowing what school it came from. Governor Scott Walker, Reince Priebus, Speaker Paul Ryan Stephen Hayes and Greta- I think you may agree with this choice. 

University of Wisconsin Badgers:  "On Wisconsin":

# 1-2  I had a hard time deciding between this song and the next one, which would be #1.  I love them both so much, and when I think of college football, both #2 and #1 in my mind are the quintessential college fight songs.  I have a feeling big Larry O'Connor will like the Tales wisdom in this choice. 

So, without further ado, here are the Tales #1 college fight songs in America.

The University of Michigan Wolverines: "Hail to the Victors": 

University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish: "Victory March":


Caroline Sisneros said...

Great, fun list MB but:


While not the official fight song, it is the official song of UCLA. How many universities can claim their song was written by George and Ira Gershwin?

UCLA '81, '85, '93

Big Mike said...

I have to give you that Caroline...I don't think any other school can claim that! :-)))
Thanks Caroline, maybe they will make the list the next time....it is an ever changing Tales list.

Big Mike said...

Caroline I just went to the link and played Strike up the Band....i love that Gershwin song!!!...it makes me want to get up and dance...but I don't know if it would inspire me to beat up the opposing team. :-)

Just joshing with my so-Cal friend. Thanks Caroline.

bradley said...

Great list mike, I personally , outside of my Texas Fight , think a&m, Michigan and notre Dame are top3---Ohio state band doing script writing of their name is hands down best college band halftime

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad!!

Joel said...

No Rice's Honor?? OK, I forgive you. It's OK, really, A&M and Texas are (gulp) good schools! :D

Big Mike said...

Sorry Joel but remember I didn't even put my Coogs in there. #onlyAboutTheMusic :-)))

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