Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Other Meaning Of Obama's Prayer Breakfast Remarks

President Obama on his high horse lecturing Christians not to get on their high horse
In the midst of unspeakable inhumane acts of depravity committed by Islamic terrorists, president Obama used his speech at the annual Prayer Breakfast to lecture Christians not to "get on their high horse" and to be careful about coupling those acts with radical Islam because "we" [i.e., you Christians] have also done similar despicable acts in the past [even going back a thousand years to the Crusades].

 Check it out:  

The most despicable thing about president Obama's remarks, was not even his going back a thousand years to find behavior that he could lecture Christians on their religion, but rather it was his preliminary phrase "Unless we [you] get on our [your] high horse".

My God, radical Islamic terrorists just burnt a man alive and the president of the United States is telling Christians not to get on their high horse.  Yes, for you Christians in America to make a derogatory comment about Islamists, just because they burnt a man alive, will only reveal your arrogant hatred towards the religion of peace, as you are no better than them, according to Obama.  Who are you to judge? 

For those of you claiming that we are all "Charlie" [Hebdo] now, no, no, you have it all wrong.  According to president Obama, we are all ISIS now. 

Or better said, since ISIS is only following in the footsteps of those "evil" acts done by Christians, I guess he is saying ISIS is us now.

I believe there is another meaning implied in president Obama's remarks at the Prayer Breakfast, that I think the pundits have missed.  You could say it is a secondary meaning the president was trying to convey, but a cynical mind might say that it was actually Obama's main point.  And I believe that other meaning has been around subliminally for the entire length of Obama's presidency.

And what is that other meaning of Obama's Prayer Breakfast remarks

Don't you ever dare criticize me [president Obama] in the future American citizens, lest you would be "getting on your high horse," because you Americans have a history of slavery and Jim Crow laws that were done in the name of 'America'.  


bradley said...

Equating or minimizing the PRESENT threat to all of humanity from islamic terror by pulling up misdeads from many generations ago, does NOTHING to solve the present issue--then again , what has the president done to show he really wants to tackle the threat from radical islam ( released terrorists from gitmo back to battlefield, called targeted jewish murders "a bunch of random folks in a deli", called acts of terror workplace violence, catered to iranian demands on nukes, destryoed israeli/us friendship,etc etc)

Big Mike said...

Thank you Bradley- your great comments sums up the disaster of this president RE radical Islam and his lack of seriousness in fighting it or even recognizing it by name. I hope whoever reads this blog also reads your excellent comments! TY brother!