Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Old White Guys Running For The 2016 GOP Nomination?

Andrea Tantaros co-host of Outnumbered and The Five
Recently [last week] I heard a remark that upset me from someone who I think is great and love to watch on the Fox News Channel, Andrea Tantaros, on a comment she made on the great Fox News Channel, "Outnumbered."   It upset me, because it is a disparaging remark you would usually hear from the left.  They were talking about the GOP field and mentioned a couple of names and Andrea said [paraphrasing],  "There we have the GOP again with its 2016 field of old white guys."

Besides the inanity of the comment by Andrea, it is also not true [i.e., euphemism for it's a lie]. 

I really hate to get on Andrea, because other than this remark, I almost always love her great comments.  It's just that this one upset me so much because it perpetuates the left's myth of the GOP, the party of the old white guys.     

       Some of the old white guys in the 2016 GOP field:

Old white guy - [Cuban-American] 43 year old Senator Marco Rubio

 Old White Guy - Dr. Benjamin Carson

   Old White Guy - [Cuban-American]  44 year old  Senator Ted Cruz

Old White Guy - business executive Carly Fiorina

Old White Guy - Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal

Old 'Real' White Guy - 47 year old [horrors] Governor Scott Walker

The Tales gives a hat tip for today's post from a couple of more old white guys of the evil tired Republican Party:

Rep. Mia B. Love - Republican [WHAT?] Utah
Senator Tim Scott - Republican [WHAT?] S.C.

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