Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Myth That President George W Bush Never Linked Terrorism to Radical Islam

I have heard this statement going around for years by the left, in order to justify President Obama's lack of saying "Islamic" in connection with terrorism, that he is only following in the footsteps of George W. Bush, who never used the words Islamic terrorists or extremists or Jihadists.   Because Republicans or conservatives never corrected the person making that claim I took it to be true.  Also, I do remember George W Bush many times saying that Islam was a religion of peace, words that made me cringe at the time I heard him say them. So, I never did bother to check out if it was true or not if  President Bush, like President Obama, refused to say Islamic extremists or Islamic terrorists or Jihadists.

Just the other day I heard this again on some panel one of the liberals said, "well George W Bush never called them Islamic terrorists either", but this time I finally decided to do some research on this to see if this was actually true.  

What did I find out?  Surprise, surprise, unlike President Obama, President George W Bush, while maybe not as much as I would have liked, did on occasion name the enemy for who they are.     

Daniel Pipes
I found this great article from historian, foreign policy expert, and president of the Middle East Forum,  Daniel Pipes from August 17, 2004: "[President Bush and] Naming the Enemy"

From Daniel Pipes article:
"In fact, he on occasion since September 11 has spoken candidly about their identity. As early as September 2001, he referred to the enemy being "a fringe form of Islamic extremism" which seeks "to kill Christians and Jews, to kill all Americans, and make no distinction among military and civilians, including women and children." This Islamic extremism also is heir to "all the murderous ideologies of the twentieth century," including "fascism, and Nazism, and totalitarianism."

"In January 2002, Mr. Bush was more specific yet, adding that the terrorist underworld includes "groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, [and] Jaish-i-Mohammed." In May 2002, he pointed out that a "new totalitarian threat" exists whose adherents "are defined by their hatreds: they hate … Jews and Christians and all Muslims who disagree with them" (implying that they are Muslims)"

"The terrorist acts of the past two decades, Mr. Bush noted in April 2004, are the work of fanatical, political ideologues who "seek tyranny in the Middle East and beyond. They seek to oppress and persecute women. They seek the death of Jews and Christians, and every Muslim who desires peace over theocratic terror."
"Last month, Bush for the first time used the phrase "Islamic militants," perhaps his most explicit reference until now to the Islamist threat, saying that until he closed a so-called Islamic charity based in Illinois, the Benevolence International Foundation, it "channel[ed] money to Islamic militants."

President George W Bush when talking about the enemy: "a fringe form of Islamic extremism" which seeks "to kill Christians and Jews"
To read the entire great article by Daniel Pipes from 2004, please click here

From the U-T San Diego in Simi Valley, CA on October 22, 2005:   "President Bush yesterday compared the war against terrorism to Ronald Reagan's battle against communism and vowed that the United States would prevail over Islamic extremists as it did in the showdown with the Soviet Union.  "Like the ideology of communism, Islamic radicalism is doomed to fail," Bush said." 
So, while it is true President Bush [many times more than I am sure many of you and I wanted] used the phrase "religion of peace" in regards to Islam, it is not true that he never called the enemy Islamic radicals.  I wish he would have done the latter more and the former a lot less, but this post does rebut the myth that W, just like Obama, never used the word Islamic in connection to terrorism. 


Anonymous said...

so then he said it one time off the cuff? and that's the basis to keep this ridiculous game of semantics going? they don't hate us because we are free, they hate us for being occupiers and bombers of innocents over there. they will continue to view us this way for another century if you think we should keep this up.. We aren't stopping anything, any war we start we get more of whatever it is we claim to be defeating. it's been going on for decades without end..

Big Mike said...

yeah, and who the hell were we bombing over there when the Islamic terrorists [sorry that upsets you]attacked us on 9-11 2001? They hate us because we are infidels in their eyes. And they want to kill all the infidels. They're an evil ideology that must be killed.

bradley said...

Anonymous, the thousands of Christians killed and beheaded in the last year were NOT occupiers, they were infidels, the Jews in the deli in Paris were NOT occupiers, there were simply Jewish infidels, the hundreds of people burned alive in cages were NOT occupiers, they were infidels, what don't you get? The thousands of girls kidnapped into sex slavery were NOT occupiers , they were simply citizens who weren't Islamic radicals!!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Bradley!

Sant Kirpal Singh said...

According to Quran and Hadit, there is no permissin of extremism and militancy in Islam. Those persons are certainly misguided who follow the terrorism in the name of Islam and they can't get their cherished heaven after their death as they were in the wrong track.