Monday, February 16, 2015

Tell Me Again How The GOP Was Hurt By The 2013 Government Shutdown

In October of 2013 "Tales" posted an article entitled, "The Great Revision of the 1996 Government Shutdown".  Then in an update of that post on Nov. 14, 2014, "Tales" published: "The Myths of Disaster After Government Shutdown."

From that post I wrote,  "... think about that, it was just over a year ago when the Democrats and mainstream liberal media laughed at how the Republican Party was split in two and how much damage the government shutdown [of 2013] did to the Republican brand.  There was even talk that the Democrats could take back the House and no talk that the GOP could win the senate.  What actually happened?  A Republican tsunami wave in the November 2014 midterm election where the GOP picked up 9 senate seats [after Landrieu goes down], 12 house seats for one of the biggest GOP majorities in history, and 3 governorships, where the GOP has an overwhelming majority of the state houses in the country.  

And with all that, the revision of history is still alive.  I just heard the other day Barack Obama say, the Republicans better not go down the road of shutting down the government.  "How did the last one work out for them?," said Obama [implying that the government shutdown hurt badly the GOP].  Well I think it worked out for us just fine, Mr. president-check election scoreboard.

I am not posting this trying to say a government shutdown would be a good idea or that the GOP should shutdown the government, as I actually don't think we should.  I am just pointing this out to show the amazing revision of history that the liberal media and Democrats continue to spew out."

Now this is 2015 and here we go again.  First of all, if any shutdown takes place it will be totally the Democrats in the Senate's fault.  Of course, being a realist, I know that the political reality is, as is always the case, the Republicans will get the blame.  That's a given. 

So, accepting that the Republicans are blamed once again of shutting down the government, if one takes place, we are given warnings by this same media [and many supposed Republican pundits of the media] that the shutdown will hurt the GOP.

Fortune Magazine's Nina Easton
I heard on Bret Baier's Special Report on Friday night Feb. 13 with substitute host Shannon Bream, Nina Easton, say incredibly that the GOP cannot afford a government shutdown, because it will hurt them like the 2013 government shutdown "hurt them badly." [she said with emphasis].  What?

When she said that, I nearly jumped out of my seat yelling at my TV, How did it hurt them badly?  How did it hurt them at all?  If she means that "the polls" showed the GOP was blamed and that "the polls" showed the congressional approval ratings dropped and that it hurt the GOP "brand"So, what?  The GOP in 2014 won an historic wave victory.  

I am begging if there is a government shutdown in 2015 that it hurts the GOP in the 2016 elections as bad as the 2013 shutdown hurt the GOP in the 2014 elections. 

I predicted, before the results of the 2014 midterm elections were out this is what the media would say even if the GOP won in 2014 and I was proven to be 100% right.  

Mark this down, I will predict once again, that if there is a government shutdown in 2015 and the GOP wins in a landslide the White House in 2016, the mainstream media sometime in the future, [and that probably will include Nina Easton], will still tell us how bad the GOP was hurt by the 2015 government shutdown.  And I once again will get up and scream at the TV, TELL ME HOW.

The revisionist mainstream media [and I sadly have to include some pundits who are so-called on our side] are so easily predictable.  

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