Thursday, February 5, 2015

Shepherd Smith's Riveting Description Of Jordanian Pilot Being Burned Alive

Shepherd Smith of the Fox News Channel
Shepherd Smith has announced many times he did not [if he did not have to] watch the beheading video's by the Islamic terrorists ISIS animals.  I don't blame him because I haven't watched any of the horrific videos and will not do so in the future.  My stomach couldn't take it.  Just hearing the description of the inhumanity in the videos is bad enough.

But because this new video released by ISIS, took a different form of sub human behavior, Shepherd Smith said he had to go beyond his feelings of not wanting to witness it and he decided to watch it in order to report it for the nation on his afternoon show on the Fox News Channel.

Thank you, Shep.

Shepherd took 6 pages of notes  for his report for his show.  I begin this video at just before the start of the description of the gut wrenching evil burning of the Jordanian pilot.  This is a riveting description by Shepherd Smith that will emote so much sadness for the Jordanian and his family of the torture he went through, and at the same time you will have intense anger at the sub human beings [Islamic terrorists] who did this to him.

President Barack Obama still will not call this enemy of the people of the world Islamic terrorists, what they are.  Okay, president Obama I will honor your request and not call them Islamic terrorists.

How about Islamist animals, is that better Mr. President?

Shepherd Smith's Riveting Description Of The Burning Of the Jordanian Pilot on Feb. 3, 2015:

Note:  The Jordanian King took swift retributive action in executing two of the terrorists that ISIS wanted to be released.  These terrorists were from Al Qaeda and that is why it is important not to just use the term ISIS, or even more benignly that "organization with whatever ideology they have", which is how the president of the United States described them, but we must call them Islamic terrorists.  Because it is not just ISIS or Al Qaeda or Hezbollah or Hamas or the Taliban or Boko Haram, that we must eliminate, but all of them....they all have one thing in common no matter what the name-they are Islamist Jihadists [terrorists].

They are all evil, and we must eliminate this evil.

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