Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's In a Politically Correct Name?

Black Americans in this country are deemed to be African Americans.  To me that brings up interesting questions about the following scenarios.

If Gary Player, a white South African, became an American citizen, would he be called an African American?  Or would that be racist just to ask that question?  I guess he would really be a South African American as opposed to a black man from South Africa in this country [whether a citizen or not] who would be called an African American.  Or would that black South African be called a South African African American?

How about Hakeem Olajuwan who came to this country from Lagos, Nigeria, where he was an African citizen.  Isn't Hakeem Olajuwan, a Nigerian American, truly an African American as opposed to African Americans?  Or to be politically correct shouldn't we call Hakeem Olajuwan an African African American?  Or maybe he should be called an African American African American.  Or maybe we could say he is a Nigerian African American.

Or would the politically correct say that Michael Jordan is an African American but Hakeem Olajuwan is not?

Hakeem "the dream" Olajuwan - a Nigerian American --oops --African African American?
And what do we call black men and women that come to America from other countries other than Africa?  Let's see, Senator Mia Love is a Haitian American, but to the politically correct would they call her a Haitian African American.  Or would they say she is an African American of Haitian descent?

Senator Mia B Love - Haitian American -- oops --African American?
This topic all came to mind when you had this bit of brilliance from one of the  liberal commentators [sorry to be redundant] on CNN.   Yes, Chris Cuomo, when talking about the late [thank God] black French Islamic terrorist Amedy Coulibaly who killed four innocent people at the Kosher supermarket in Paris, made this incredible description of him that you will see on the video.

Remember Chris Cuomo is talking about a French man, born in Paris, who has never even been to America.  Watch what Cuomo's first instinct in calling this man is, I guess because he is a black man. 

I guess it is bigoted of me to call black men and women American citizens, Americans.  And if asked to add a description of race, I would say they are black Americans.

But don't follow my lead as I admittedly am not into politically correct names.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you entirely on this, Big Mike. The whole "African American" label has never made any sense to me. I'd guess that 90% of blacks living in the United States have never lived in Africa, or had parents who lived in Africa. They've asked us to refer to them with an illogical phrase, so we do. "Black" makes sense to me. "African?" Not so much.


Big Mike said...

Thanks big least I'm not alone in this. :-))