Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Two Best Movies About Classical Music Composers?

There have been some very good movies about the great classical music composers, although not enough, in my opinion.  I have seen movies about Chopin, Robert Schuman, Johannes Brahms, George Gershwin, Mozart and Beethoven.

My top two favorite classical music movies are Amadeus and Immortal Beloved.  Amadeus is a movie about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Immortal Beloved is about Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Immortal Beloved
While these are my top two favorite composers, that is not the reason I think these are the best two movies. These are just great movies with riveting stories, great music and awesome acting.  I hope if you have not seen these movies, you will consider buying the DVD's.

Even if you are just a casual listener of classical music, I believe you will love these movies. I knew very little about classical music before I saw, on the recommendation by my brother Brad, the movie Amadeus.   My brother had to tell me who Amadeus was as I had no idea.  After seeing that movie, my interest was ignited in finding out all I could about classical music and my life was changed forever, for the better, because of it.  If I can just get one person to read this post and buy either of these DVD's, which might ignite their interest in classical music, then this will have been worth posting.

Here are some famous scenes from each of the movies, I think you will enjoy.  Then enjoy a movement from a piece that is played in each of the movies.  First the adagio movement of Mozart's Serenade in B-Flat Major known as his Gran Partita that is played by the University of  Michigan Symphony Band.  Then the final movement of Beethoven's piano concerto #5, known as "The Emperor" with conductor Kurt Masur and pianist Alfred Brendel. 

Please turn up the volume, play in full screen and enjoy these clips from Amadeus and Immortal Beloved and then two great pieces from the masters Mozart and Beethoven.

Clips from Amadeus on You Tube called Amadeus: Mozart Genius:

The final scene from Immortal Beloved called "The Letter"  [music is from the second movement of Beethoven's "Emperor" piano concerto #5, Adagio un poco mosso]:

W. A. Mozart:  Serenade in B Flat Major, "Gran Partita", movement 3, Adagio:

L.V. Beethoven: Piano Concerto #5 ["The Emperor"], movement 3, Rondo, Allegro ma non troppo:

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