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Questionable Michelle Obama Guest At The State of The Union For The Second Straight Year

Hat Tip to: Gretchen Carlson "The Real Story"
I am repeating the post I did after last year's State of the Union Address, entitled "Edd Hendee Gives The Rest of The Story of Misty DeMars", because it seems that President Obama has done it again in using as a "prop" a struggling average non partisan woman who turns out not to be what she is billed to be.

I must give a total Hat Tip to Gretchen Carlson on her "The Real Story" show on the Fox News Channel because I did not watch one word of the State of the Union address this year.

I did not watch this year because I used the old adage, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me "6" times shame on me". 

Gretchen talked with Guy P Benson about, Rebekah Erler, who Michelle Obama had with her in the box as a special "prop", err guest.  As Gretchen told Guy, Rebekah Erler isn't just your average middle class American citizen.  She turns out to be a liberal activist Democrat operative who just happened to work for Senate Democrat Patty Murray.  What a coincidence.

This from the Examiner:
Rebekah Erler was one of the 26 designated guests of First Last Michelle Obama during Tuesday’s State of the Union Address. The president presented Erler as a woman who had written him of the economic struggles she and her husband endured starting with the financial meltdown of 2008 and continuing through most of the Obama presidency. Obama pointed her out as an inspiration of how ordinary Americans could overcome any adversary through sacrifice and hard work. However, as the Washington Free Beacon reported, the president failed to mention that Erler is “a former Democratic campaign operative, working as a field organizer for Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.”
In addition, Erler has been used as a prop by Obama at a Democratic event in June 2014.

So, that was this lets take a blast from the past of last year's State of the Union shame err address.

"Edd Hendee Gives The Rest Of The Story Of Misty DeMars" published on Jan. 31, 2014:

From Chicago Tribune News January 30, 2014:
An Oak Park [Illinois] woman  who became a State of the Union guest after writing President Barack Obama about her expired unemployment benefits found herself in the spotlight during Tuesday night’s address as the president spoke of her financial struggles.

The White House, which wants jobless benefits extended, declined to say where Misty DeMars worked before losing her job in May, but her LinkedIn profile listed her former employer as the Adler Planetarium. The planetarium said in May it was cutting 8 percent of its staff.

According to the White House, DeMars wrote to President Barack Obama after her emergency jobless benefits expired, telling him: “We stand to lose everything we've worked for years to build in the matter of months.”

In May, DeMars and her husband, Leighton Taylor, purchased a $262,000 home in Oak Park's Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District, taking out a mortgage of $248,900, public records show. He works in information technology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, according to UIC's web site.

Mrs. DeMars writing to the president said about her and her husband: " “We are the face of the unemployment crisis.” 

In the middle, "poor" Misty Demars
The first question I have is, with Mrs. DeMars knowing the economic conditions in the country, and knowing she worked for an employer that she must have known there would be a chance cuts could be made, and knowing the payments of a mortgage depended on both her and her husband's salary, why would they take out a mortgage of almost $250,000 at the time they did?  But maybe that's just me wondering that as I haven't heard anyone else bring that up.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt that she had no idea she was about to lose her position, the next question that has to be asked is, why hasn't she been able to find a job near Chicago where she lived for so long ?  

Edd Hendee-KSEV radio
Edd Hendee, a local radio host of KSEV radio station in Houston, TX [and owner of the Taste of Texas restaurant-a great steak house if I say so myself] did some research that you haven't seen anyone else in the media do [or better said, that they care to do].   His research gives you another picture of Misty DeMars, not the one you heard from president Barack Obama at the State of the Union Address.

After you hear this you may think Edd, and me for posting, are being too harsh on just an average citizen.  But she is the one who put herself out there, obviously wanting the publicity as she called herself [in her letter to the president] "the face of the unemployed in America."  And she wanted to use [or be used by the president] her status to shame those mean Republicans in extending the already over extended unemployment benefits.  If at some point the extension of unemployment benefits isn't curtailed, then a good program established to temporary help someone who has recently been employed until they can find another job, will turn into another government welfare program to give money to someone who has lost his job for the rest of his life without having to work again.

I'm sorry for the not great quality of the audio [the fault on my end] that I obtained from the KSEV Edd Hendee website podcast; so please turn up the volume to hear clearly.

Here is Edd Hendee on his radio show on KSEV on Wed. Jan 30 with the rest of the story:

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