Monday, January 26, 2015

Great Greg Gutfeld Rant On The Five

Greg Gutfeld one of the co-hosts on The Five and host of Red Eye
After it was learned that a top Al Qaeda terrorist who we caught 3 years before 9-11 and was being held at a super max prison, was freed as part of a possible swap deal for two Americans being held in Qatar, Greg Gutfeld, one of the co-hosts of the Fox News Channel "The Five" on a rant.

Greg Gutfeld, at times is a very funny quipster, but his quips many times, while funny, are biting  critiques of a person or a topic.  So, while it might be a quip, that doesn't mean Gutfeld is not very serious about what he is talking about. 

This was Gutfeld at his best, and I agreed with his disgust at the release of this terrorist. 

Greg Gutfeld rant on "The Five" on Monday January 26, 2015:

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