Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlie Hebdo - An Act of Workplace Violence?

Noting the horrific Islamic terrorist attack on the satirical news magazine, "Charlie Hebdo" on Wed., January 7, in which 12 were killed, I just posted this on FaceBook:

Let's see---a Muslim shouting Allahu Akbar kills 13 and severely injures 30 more and Thank God, president Obama finally calls this an act of terror.  Oh, wait, no--That was Ft. Hood, TX in 2009--and Obama still calls that an act of workplace violence.

Yes, the same president Obama who went before the UN to say this days before his justice department arrested an anti-Mohammad You Tube video maker for slandering the prophet of Islam.


Well you can't say Obama didn't keep his promise, as those words he said before the United Nations were said on Sept. 25, 2012 and the "evil-no free speech for him" anti-Mohammad video maker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was arrested by the feds and held without bail [and subsequently jailed] on Sept. 27, 2012.

No free speech for you, buddy - don't ever slander the prophet of Islam again
It must be noted, not one person in the Obama administration has yet to link the words Muslim or Islam with this terrorist attack.  They only use the word "extremists".   These terrorists may be extremists John Kerry and Barack Obama, but call them what they really are, Islamist terrorists!

To add more insanity from this 'Alice in Wonderland' Obama administration, can we forget these recent words from Obama's former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, on December 3, 2014, that we must respect and empathize with our enemies.

Oh, yes she did:

OH, dear God, America has already made two horrendous decisions in the last two presidential elections, please, I pray, help Americans to make the right decision in 2016.

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