Thursday, December 4, 2014

This Video To Honor My Wife

Actor-Comedian-Conservative Commentator
I want to thank Monica Crowley on twitter who tweeted the following wonderful video from comedian, conservative Steven Crowder on special needs children.  I also want to say God Bless Steven for making this video.

My Wife Sheralyn is an amazing wonderful woman who lost her special needs child [my step-child], Jermaine, at age 37, in May of 2013.  Jermaine had brain damage from the result of meningitis at birth.  When I did my short eulogy on Jermaine I also made it as a tribute to my wife.  If you would like to read it please click, "Tribute To A Special Child."

That is why I want to show this video from Steven Crowder, to honor my beautiful wife, Sheralyn. 

While Steven entitles his video, "Special Needs Abortion, A Holocaust", I am not posting this as a political statement on the issue of abortion, or in an effort to castigate those people [which include most of my relatives, if not all] who have a different position from my wife and I, or as even in an attempt to change anyone's position on the issue.  My family respects our position on the issue and we respect their position.  

I am showing this for one purpose only, love.  Love of my wife, and the love shown by Steven Crowder for special needs children.  

Steven Crowder: "Special Needs Abortion, A Holocaust":


Jermaine [1976-2013]



Sheralyn Beckman said...

Thank you for loving me and Jermaine. I know that there are many men who refuse to be a father to a child that is not biologically theirs, but you didn't hesitate even in the mist of opposition. I've always said that you were the answer to many years of pray and I'm grateful. Abortion was never an option for me because I knew that it is murder and although it would have been convenient for me as it is for most women who abort their unborn, I knew that I'd do what needed to be done for the both of us, even though it meant putting my college on hold for a while. The video is powerful because it speaks to the darkness in the heart of mankind and their exalted opinion of themselves. All life is precious and each child is a gift. Many people who abort feel that out-of-sight is out-of-mind, but they're only fooling themselves and find that they are haunted by killing their children. I often wonder how parents who would abort a special needs child would feel if their "normal" child walked outside one day and was hit by a care and suddenly became their special needs child. People fail to remember that things change quickly and that what is alright now, may not be in the next instant. Would they love their child any less, would they put them in a home and not see them again? If the answer is, "yes" it speaks more about them than the child that they've loss. Loving a child doesn't require that they be "normal", just that you give them a chance and return the love that they give you. Many would be parents abort their children because they'd be embarrassed or feel that they don't have the time to invest in a special needs child. There are many excuses, but none will be acceptable to the loving God who created them. How do you justify taking the life of a child that God has created? The author of the video asked just this question and my personal answer is that you can't. My special thanks to all who invest their time and resources for those who need them most. Thank you for Mr. and Mrs. Crowder for caring.

Big Mike said...

Love you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Mrs B! What a heart felt post. I know the pain of losing a son (Melanoma) and I too was blessed to have my husband of almost 31 yrs to be Dad of my 2 children. What's happened since 1973 is breaking Gods heart. Roe vs Wade 😢 We'll have to get together one day soon when you are up in Austin. We live on Lake Travis. Thanks to your husband for posting this very special piece. Caring and loving great Americans.
Krissy Chase in #ATX

Big Mike said...

God Bless you Krissy. I didn't know you lost a son, I am so sorry to hear that. Thank yo so much for sharing for my wife.