Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Scalise As Whip?-NO! Boehner as Speaker?- NO!

H/T:  Larry O'Connor
I just posted the following on my Face Book page after I heard Larry O'Connor on Gretchen Carlson's Real Story show on the Fox News Channel reveal that Speaker John Boehner, R-OH is actually still backing Rep Steven Scalise, R-LA, as the GOP "Whip" even after it came out and Rep Scalise admitted that he "mistakenly and unknowingly" attended and spoke at a David Duke rally in 2002.  You could tell Larry O'Connor was astonished and upset at Boehner's continued support, and so am I.

On FaceBook on Tuesday I wrote this"I can't believe it - I just found out Speaker John Boehner is still backing Rep Scalise as the GOP Whip, even after it has been revealed Scalise attended a David Duke organized rally in 2002. Even if it is true, Scalise didn't know anything about the organization who was sponsoring the rally and he just spoke there not supporting anyone, then that makes him too stupid to be the Whip.

There are no excuses. 

It's unbelievable, Boehner, who has no trouble criticizing [and some times even mocking] the more conservative "tea party" members of his caucus when they stand on principle, is supporting his leadership team at any cost. 

Come on GOP. Do not let Speaker Boehner bring down the GOP-We have to let it be known we DO NOT BACK Scalise as whip. I say NOW both Scalise as Whip and Boehner as Speaker must go."

Rep Steve Scalise - NO!
Speaker John Boehner - NO!

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