Monday, December 8, 2014

Obama's Sanctions On Israel Fantasy Leaves Little Doubt That POTUS Is Anti-Israel

I remember trying to warn my liberal Jewish friends of being wary about then candidate Obama [in 2008] with regards to his position on Israel because of his many anti-Israel friends and mentors he had when growing up, but I was rebuffed by those Democrats saying my admonishment of him was "guilt by association."

Then I warned of his being in the church for 20 years with a minister [his friend and mentor and person who married him and baptized his children] being the vile anti-Semite, anti-Israel, anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright.  Again I was dismissed as a right wing hater of president Obama.

When candidate Obama went before AIPAC and said Jerusalem should remain the undivided capitol of Israel, I was admonished by my liberal friends..."see, see, all I was spewing was garbage about Obama maybe not being a supporter of Israel, as he shows he is a friend of Israel."   I now can ask my liberal Democrat friends, "how is that 'undivided capital of Israel' lie Obama told working out for you?"

Obama got elected and almost immediately had his secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, rebuke Israel publicly before the world, over and over again about building homes [on her own land].   Then Obama would do the same himself.  I would point this out to my Jewish Democrat friends and they would tell me, "Israel is not always right.  President Obama is just trying to be even-handed."

Then Obama would give his Muslim outreach speech [i.e., letting Muslims know that Islam is the religion he loves the most] in Cairo, saying that the Holocaust did happen and it was bad for Jews [oh, thank you dear leader for recognizing that] "but on the other hand", the president said "the Palestinians in Gaza are suffering too" [i.e., Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is the same as the Nazi's treatment of Jews during the Holocaust].  I seemed to be the only one outraged at this moral equivalency.  I cried out to AIPAC and other Jewish organizations asking 'where is the outrage?'. 

Obama would "dis" the Prime Minister of Israel in his first visit here as the president left him [Benyamin Netanyahu] by himself in a room in the White House as he went to eat.  I remember another visit by Prime Minister Netanyahu to the United States when President Obama just didn't seem to find the time to meet with him.   

In another disrespectful act to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel, President Obama made a major peace policy proposal without having first told the Prime Minister of Israel or any Israeli official. While Bibi Netanyahu was in the middle of flying to the United States, the president called for Israel to negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority with a starting point that they agree to go back to the pre-1967 borders.  A starting point that Israel could or would never agree to as it would have left leave themselves vulnerable to attack and destruction. 

Then Obama would tell the French president who called "his friend Bibi" a liar that, "you [Sarkozy] are fed up with him [Prime Minister Netanyahu], I have to deal with him every day."

When the Senate was ready to pass a bi-partisan bill for renewed and enhanced sanctions on Iran because of their nuclear program [ongoing for one reason only-to use to destroy the state of Israel] Obama's threat of a veto [aided by the Obama sycophant's at AIPAC giving him cover] stopped that bill dead in its tracks [as Harry Reid the majority leader, thank God no more, wouldn't even bring it up].

Secretary of State Kerry just like his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, rebuked Israel for building settlements on its own land.  Kerry would also tell Israel if they didn't soon negotiate with the Palestinians [i.e., the terrorists who want to destroy it],  they would be looked at by the world as an "apartheid state".   When I pointed this disgusting rhetoric from the Secretary of State to my Democrat friends they would tell me I was taking his words out of context.

Secretary of State Kerry [the supposed real friend of Israel] would also disgustingly accuse Israel of "not being committed to peace" because of their "continued occupation [sic] of the West Bank."

I would point this out once again to my liberal Jewish friends, asking them how many times does Obama and members of his administration have to spit in Israel's face before you realize this man is no friend of Israel?  They would come back later and point to his visit to Israel, when he said [lied] that he had Israel's back and talked about his buddy "Bibi" and they would tell me, "see, see, that proves Obama loves Israel; that he is the best friend Israel has ever had. 

After Israel was attacked by Hamas with rockets raining down on them from Gaza and Israel would respond in self defense, you had  Obama do his usual "on one hand, on the other hand rhetoric" saying he of course he condemned the rocket attacks and Israel had the right to defend herself  but they needed to do more to protect "innocent" Palestinian lives.  Of course, this even-handed rhetoric aiming to stop the violence would only come after Israel would respond to protect herself.

Secretary Kerry was actually overheard over a mic waiting to go on a Sunday news show, mocking Israel's defending itself in Gaza, by whispering  "a hell of a pin point operation, a hell of a pin point operation."  Yes, the same Secretary of State Kerry who condemned Israel for building new settlements  on its own land and yes, the same Secretary of State Kerry who compared a future Israel without a "peace" deal to an apartheid state. 

None of this antipathy, if not outright hate from the Obama administration towards Israel has even phased most of my liberal Jewish friends.  Their heads are entrenched firmly in the Obama sand to admit to the truth.

So, now what does the Jewish community think of the latest sickening Obama idiocy policy towards Israel?:  The Obama administration is actually considering imposing sanctions on the state of Israel if they continue to build on their own land.  Let me repeat this.  The same president Obama who would veto a sanctions bill on our enemy Iran, is considering imposing sanctions on our friend Israel.

The Obama administration officials won't deny or confirm these reports.  Why?  The fact that the Obama administration through the presidential spokesman won't categorically deny such an outrageous position is mind boggling and has to mean that this disgusting consideration is true-that president Obama must actually be considering putting sanctions on Israel, our best ally in the Middle East if not our best and most important ally in the world.

Can you imagine if some foreign leader urged the UN to put sanctions on the United States if they continued to build houses in Washington, D.C.?  That foreign leader would be looked at as a kook.  Then how should we look at this anti-Israel president of the United States?

President Obama, Israel doesn't occupy that land they want to build on, they own it!   Would any other president, even President Jimmy Carter, consider putting sanctions on Israel?  I don't care how small or insignificant the sanctions would be, the meaning to the rest of the world by just saying we [the United States] are considering sanctions is significant and damaging to Israel.

Sanctions should be used for evil terrorist states and apartheid countries, NOT ISRAEL!   By just putting this possibility out there and not shooting it down must mean that President Obama actually does consider Israel in the same vein as a terrorist or apartheid state.

In my opinion, president Obama is leaving no doubt of his Anti-Israel bias. 

And why is the Obama administration not even denying this idiocy when there is zero chance of this actually happening because congress would never approve such a measure.  It has to be because this president wants this anti-Israel fantasy put out there for all [friend and foe] to know.  Maybe he is letting this idea float out there because he thinks it will hurt Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu [a man he obviously detests] in the Israeli elections.  If so, it is not just a fantasy but a delusional fantasy as well, as this will just unite Israeli's to be stronger in Netanyahu's camp against the disliked [in Israel] American president.  

One of my relatives [a pro-Israel stalwart], asked me if this would finally wake up the Jews on the left who love Obama.  I sadly answered, if none of the other Obama administration anti-Israel moves would phase them, I doubt this would.

The silence of outrage is deafening


Anonymous said...

Hi Big Mike:
As usual,your observations are very astute. My liberal Jewish friends during Obama's first term would say to me that Obama could not be an anti-Zionist because his Chief of Staff at the time was Jewish,Rahm Emanuel.
Our liberal Jewish relatives and friends always have their excuses to NOT see reality.It is comparable to those Jews in Germany in the 1930's believing that the Nazis would not persecute them because"we are German to the core"!
Gullibility kills!!!

Big Scott(from your Ras thread)

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Scott!

Anonymous said...

Big Scott must live here in St. Louis because that is exactly what they always say....Unbelievable...

Big Mike said...