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It's Time For The "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Myth To Stop - NOW! - UPDATE

UPDATEIt is getting worse. as now we have today, Thursday Dec. 4, 2014 the Penn State University president posing the "hands up, don't shoot" lie.  How irresponsible for a university president perpetuating the big lie.  All he is doing is adding fuel to the racial fire, that police officers go out and shoot innocent blacks that have their hands up in the air, don't shoot pose. Why is such an intelligent person doing this?

Also, you have the protestors in New York City, in a case that is totally different from the case in Ferguson, shouting hands up don't shoot.  The grand jury decision in the disturbing Garner case is very questionable and it very well may be a travesty that there was no indictment of a police officer in that poor man's death.  But that case has nothing to do with what happened in Ferguson, MO.  So, why are NYC protestors using the "hands up, don't shoot" pose, something that never happened?

Neil Cavuto
That is why I am doing this update...with a video of a great rant by Neil Cavuto, echoing the theme of this post from his "Your World, with Neil Cavuto" show on the Fox News Channel on Thursday.  He gives his great opinions as he is interviewing two guests.

I hope you will watch this video at the bottom of this post that I have added as an update.     Thanks!  

It's Time For The "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Myth To Stop-NOW!:

The big lie that Police Officer Darren Wilson first shot Michael Brown in the back and then shot him dead when Michael Brown turned around surrendering with his hands up in the air saying don't shoot, all began with testimony from Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown's best friend who had just participated with Brown in robbing a liquor store.

Evidence since, from African-American eyewitnesses and also from forensic and blood evidence reveal that Michael Brown did not stop and then throw his hands up in the air saying don't shoot.  The evidence is substantial that Michael Brown turned around [not having been shot at in the back] and started charging towards the officer, and only then were the first shots fired from a police officer, who for 6 years not only never shot anyone before but had never even fired one shot from his weapon before.  

This from The Volokh Conspiracy in the Washington Post by Paul Cassell on Dec. 2, 2014: "Johnson seems to have originated the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.  But Johnson’s story constantly changed and diverged from the physical evidence. It seems hard to come to any other conclusion than that Dorian Johnson’s version is simply made up."

Look at this video from Megyn Kelly on "The Kelly Files" on the Fox News Channel on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014 reading testimony that the grand jury heard:

Did those African American witnesses just make that up?  Think about this: These witnesses gave testimony under oath, in secret not knowing what officer Darren Wilson would say, also under oath in the secret grand jury hearings, and their eye witness testimony almost matches exactly what Darren Wilson said happened in the grand jury.  How could that possibly happen unless what they told was the truth.  The only possible way you could believe their testimony did not happen like they said was that Darren Wilson and the six African American eye witnesses got together before hand and Darren Wilson told them, here is what I will say before the grand jury so make up your stories to match what I will tell the grand jury.

I think any rational thinking person will realize that the narrative that Michael Brown held his hands up in a don't shoot pose is a total and complete lie.  It did not happen.  

Now it is one thing for average citizens, maybe not knowing of the evidence from the grand jury that was released, doing the "hands up, don't shoot" pose in "support" of Michael Brown.  It is something else for five St. Louis Rams players, who also may be ignorant of the real facts of the case, doing their silent protest with their hands up.  But it is way beyond the pale for supposed intelligent United States congressmen for continuing to perpetuate this myth in the halls of congress.

U.S.Congress men and women in the chambers of the House of Representatives on Dec. 2, 2014:

This is sickening to me and must stop.  Why are the congress people doing this?  Why?  All they are doing is keeping the myth alive in the black community that Michael Brown was shot in cold blood by a policeman as he was surrendering with his hands up in the air begging the officer not to shoot.  This can only inflame the citizens and cause further a set back of race relations.  Is this what they want?

Perpetuating a lie will not bring Michael Brown's life back.  Michael Brown's fate was sewn when he made the decision to attack a police officer in his car, reaching for his gun, and then charging the officer later as the officer yelled for him to stop.  

It is time for the "hands up, don't shoot" myth to stop - NOW!
UPDATE Video from the Neil Cavuto show on the Fox News Channel, Thurs. Dec. 4, 2014:


bradley said...

Big Mike, this president and attorney general have had an anti-white racist agenda from day 1, evidenced by their pre judging publicly any crime that has even a potential for race issues, by their almost never talking about black/black murder rate, by them saying anytime you disagree with policy it's because your racist, by their using al sharpton as an advisor etc etc--THIS is why the administration and liberal left LOVE the Hands UP fantasy!

Big Mike said...

I believe what you say, Brad, to be the exact truth. What a shame for America.