Sunday, January 25, 2015

In Memory Of Jose Feghali

R.I.P.  Jose Feghali

I am repeating this post upon hearing from my friend from the Houston Symphony Orchestra, cellist James Denton, of the loss of his dear friend that is named in this post, Jose Feghali.

From the Ft. Worth Star Telegram:  "José Feghali, winner of the 1985 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, was found dead in his Fort Worth home Tuesday.  The Brazilian-born pianist, 53, was discovered at 5 p.m. lying in bed with a gunshot wound to his head, according to a Fort Worth police report. The Tarrant County medical examiner ruled Mr. Feghali’s death a suicide. Close friends said the musician had struggled with depression for years and was in treatment for the disease.  Several said they were shocked and saddened by Mr. Feghali’s death."

May God Bless Jose Feghali and his family and friends and lessen the pain of their loss.

Memorial Concert Update, Jan. 25, 2015:  "This update is in memory of Jose Feghali, as his best friend, James R. Denton, cellist honors him by playing at his memorial concert in Ft. Worth, Texas at the TCU School of Music, who honors their colleague, Jose at 3:00 CT to be broadcast live on You Tube by clicking here.

A Texas Dynamic Duo For Cello And Piano - this post was originally published on June 7, 2014

As you know if you have read my classical music posts I love my Houston Symphony Orchestra and believe they are one of the top symphony orchestra's in the United States of America.  They will even soar  to greater heights in the next concert season that begins in September as the young, dynamic, and exciting conductor, Maestro Andres Orozco-Estrada, takes over as the official director the Houston Symphony Orchestra.  The fetching Mrs. B and I cannot wait until the start of the new season.

Besides the great conductors the Houston Symphony Orchestra has been blessed to have since their inception, they have had these last many years maybe the two best concertmasters in the nation.  For many years Eric Halen has been the HSO concertmaster.  These last couple of years Frank Huang has assumed the role of concertmaster, with Eric right by his side in the violin section.  We love them both.  Also, on the other side of the strings, a great virtuoso and expressive personality on the stage, Brinton Averil Smith, is the HSO brilliant principal cellist.

James Denton - cellist of the HSO
Another great cellist of our orchestra who was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and trained in Houston at Rice University's Shepherd School of Music, is James Denton [who you can find on twitter as @celloJames]


Pianist Jose Feghali
James got to know and has became great friends with Jose Feghali, a Brazilian pianist, who won the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 1985 and is the Artist-in Residence at TCU, which is in James hometown of Ft. Worth.

They played a recital together at the Academy Theatre at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.  From that recital they made a great live CD called "Lives" that featured pieces for cello and piano by Schumann, Beethoven, Debussy, Chopin and Tchaikovsky.  Jose's web site is

The CD "Lives" is about the great friendship of James and Jose and their lives as a cellist and pianist and friends.

Denton and Feghali - The Texas Dynamic Duo
This CD, which I recommend for classical music fans, especially fans of the cello and piano instruments, can be purchased from clicking the I-Tunes link from James Denton's web site. On the I-Tunes review of this CD, I wrote this: "James Denton, cello, provides such a rich, mellow sound, and Feghali's piano is so exquisite and is a perfect combination with the cello in these pieces. I love every piece in this CD, but I especially love the warm, moving piece by Robert Schumann, "Fantasiestucke".  Bravo, for such beautiful music!"

To demonstrate how this dyanmic duo from Texas works so well together, please listen to "Zart Und Mit Ausdruck" from Schumann's "Fantasiestucke".  Fantasiestucke was a set of eight short pieces that the great Romantic composer composed originally for the piano.  Then a delightful piece from Beethoven for cello and piano, his 7 Variations in E-flat Major on the theme, "Bei Mannern" from Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute."

Please turn up the volume and listen to this Texas Dynamic Duo, James Denton, cello and Jose Feghali, piano as they perform live in Honolulu.

Robert Schumann:'Zart Und mit Ausdruck' For Piano and Cello from "Fantasiestucke":

L.V. Beethoven: 7 Variations in E-Flat Major on "Bei Mannern":


Anonymous said...

This is very cool!

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Stephen

Jim said...

Thank you, Michael!

Big Mike said...

Your welcome big James! Keep up the great cello playing along with the Houston Symphony Orchestra.

Joel said...

You are so lucky to have these wonderful musicians in the Houston Symphony Orchestra! Envious!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel!!

bradley said...

What a terrible tragedy and loss of talent--- so sorry

Big Mike said...

Yes, Brad, so tragic and painful to his friends and family. Thanks Brad.

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