Friday, December 26, 2014

Amazing Music Video From The A Capella Group Pentatonix

My favorite a capella group is Straight No Chaser, an a capella group my wife and I were lucky enough to see in Houston last year.  But this group, called Pentatonix, I must admit ranks right up there. I love this amazing version of Little Drummer Boy.  As of now, I will consider them my number 2 ranked a capella group.

Pentatonix -  A Capella group
As I am a big classical music fan, as you can tell from the Tales classical music weekends, I still can and do appreciate and admire these vocal groups without instrumentation.  While there are no strings or horns or woodwinds or percussion instruments in the following video, this talented group uses their God given instruments of their voices to make beautiful music, the melody and accompaniment.

This video from the Pentatonix group's PTXofficial U-Tube

As I do in my classical posts I will say please turn up the volume and enjoy this amazing version of The Little Drummer Boy.

Pentatonix: Little Drummer Boy:


bradley said...

Wow, just listened while warming my matzoh ball soup, great mix of Jewish and Christian tradition-- I loved it--- thx for sharing

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad- wish I had some of that Matzoh Ball soup! :-))