Sunday, November 23, 2014

What A Future Gift For T.Y. Hilton's Daughter

T.Y. Hilton, WR for the Indianapolis Colts
T.Y. Hilton, star wide receiver of the Indianapolis Colts, played Sunday's game with not much sleep as overnight he was with his wife at the hospital as she was giving birth to their new daughter Gigi.  What a wonderful blessing for T.Y. and wife.  T.Y., said before the game he would try and score a touchdown for Gigi, and he did that!   You may think that is the gift I am thinking of that T.Y. gave for his daughter to know in the future.  No, that is not the gift I am talking about.

I am talking about T.Y.'s awesome genuinely emotional interview that he had after the game.  What a wonderful gift many years from now when she can see the tape of that interview and know of the love her father has for her.

There is nothing on the football field that T.Y. Hilton can do to show what a great man he is than this. This interview let me know T.Y. Hilton is a real man!

T.Y. Hilton was blessed by his daughter's Gigi's birth, and Gigi is blessed to have such a wonderful father.


bradley said...

Wow, I've got tears in my eyes now! Thx for sharing big mike!

Big Mike said...

I did too, Brad. You're welcome.