Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What About The Democrat Brand?

There are some issues, like man made global warming, that build a consensus from an unyielding mantra from the mainstream media that even our side [conservative Republicans] joins in, yet to look foolish with their other colleagues in the media.  So much of the time, like the global warming issue, the consensus is not based on fact but from the amount of times the rhetoric can be repeated.  Was it Vladimir Lenin who said, "A lie told often enough, soon becomes the truth."? 

Another issue that is like that, and I am really getting upset about, that has become a consensus opinion from pundits everywhere is that "there is a big problem with the Republican brand." 

As proof of this statement, that I believe is flawed, the pundits use the answer to this question: "With all the trouble the Democrats are having and with President Obama so unpopular, why are all these races so close and why aren't they [the GOP] running away with the election?"   They answer, "Because the Republican brand is so bad."  I just heard that today again on the Fox News Show's "Outnumbered" from people who I love on this show, Andrea Tantaros, Jedediah Bila and Chris Wallace.  "Why haven't the Republicans put this election away yet?", they ask. 

First of all we don't have any idea of how close this election will be, because the vote hasn't even been held yet.  We could yet see, and I believe we will, a strong wave for the GOP. In the end, the Republicans could very well run away with the election.

But even if there is a big wave, I guarantee all the talk from the liberal media [and I dare say even joined in by some pundits on our side] will be that the Republicans had to struggle to win so big, and the fact they didn't even do better and put away the election earlier proves how bad the Republican brand is.  Take that to the bank, that is what the mainstream media will be talking about and not about how well the GOP did in the election.

Think about this.  Right after the 2012 elections all the talk was how the Republicans might be relegated to minority status forever.  Some were predicting the end of the Republican Party. Now just two years later in these midterm elections, the Republicans are about to control majorities in the state legislatures. and continue a stronghold on the majority of the governorships, and increase their strong majority in the U.S. House [where every single seat is up for election], and they are about to take over the U.S. Senate with a majority of the seats.  And what will these same liberals who predicted doom for the Republicans just two years earlier response be?   Because the Republicans didn't do even better proves there is something wrong with the Republican brand.  What?!

The whole media is so focused and seemingly worried about the Republicans and their brand [and sorry if I don't believe you have a true concern for the GOP you media pundits], the legitimate question has to be asked, why aren't there any questions about a party that is going to be shellacked on the state and federal level?

If the Republican brand is so bad, yet they are about to take over the majorities in the states and in Congress, shouldn't that pose a more legitimate question, if anyone in the media was honest: "What is wrong with the Democrat brand?"


dbsnyder said...

I have no doubt we will hear about how the GOP and Koch bros bought the election - even though the Dems spent more.

Big Mike said...

Yep - it will never be said because the people wanted the GOP over the Dems. Thanks DB!