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The Top 10 Liberals I Like On TV

This post could also be named, "Liberal Democrats Who Don't Upset Me On TV".  

If you are a conservative Republican like me, you can't stand most of the liberals out there on TV with their arrogant, elitist, "know it all" smirks when they are discussing political issues.  It is not that you just want to pull your hair out with some of the outlandish statements most of them make, it is the way they imply [and sometimes not just imply but state] contempt for any position on the right.  You also can't stand their double standard of lying about the "right's hate speech" when it is actually they themselves that are using hate speech against conservatives and Republicans and people of faith.  I am sure, you, like me also can't stand their constant interruptions when in a discussion with a conservative, a tactic they almost always use when they know they are losing the argument. 

Well, this post is dedicated to some of those few liberal Democrats I see on TV who don't upset me when I see them.  They don't display the characteristics I named above of those liberals who do upset me.

While I will disagree with most of the comments they make, I don't recoil in disgust by seeing them.  In fact, while disagreeing with them most of the time, I actually like to hear their point of view.

I think there are three main reasons while the following liberals don't upset me:   

1. While making their case, they are mostly respectful to the other side [our side].  

2. Also I think I have heard each of these people, at one time or another criticize their fellow liberal Democrat politicians [or a position on the left] when a situation is obvious that they [it] deserve criticism.   

3. They have a genuine smile [not a smirk, but what you can tell is an actual smile] when talking on TV.   I remember tweeting to Gretchen Carlson about one time when she had Julie Roginsky on her show "The Real Story", "Gretchen I disagreed with everything Julie Roginsky just said but love you having her on because she said hello with a smile, and said goodbye with a smile."  A smile goes a long way [as long as it is genuine]. 

Maybe another reason I like the following list of liberals is that some of them have even tweeted back to me on twitter when I tweeted to them.  So, in the last paragraph I said a smile goes a long way, I guess I could also add a tweet goes a long way.  Or maybe it's just that I'm easy.   :-)

I've come up with a list of 10 that is in no special order.  Trust me, it took me a long time to come up with 10 and I might have had to do a little stretching with some in the list, but here it is.

10 Liberal Democrats Who Don't Upset Me When I See Them On TV:

1. Eboni K. Williams:   Eboni is a CBS News correspondent who I have seen many times on the O'Reilly factor and other shows on the Fox News Channel.  She always has a friendly smile and is respectful to other points of view.  Also, my daughter's name is Ebony and maybe that influenced me.  On twitter you can follow her  @Eboni_TV

Eboni K. Williams

2. Joe Trippi:  You see this Democrat operative doing political analysis many times on the Fox News Channel [many times along with Karl Rove].  While he is a fierce defender of his position, he never says so in a mean spirited way.  You can follow him on twitter  @JoeTrippi

Joe Trippi

3. Rick UngarRick is a commentator many times on Sean Hannity's show and he is a regular on the Fox News Channel's "Forbes on Fox" business show.  Many times I have heard him disagree with his own party on various issues and say, "I can't understand that myself."  He seems like a nice guy.  You can follow him on twitter  @RickUngar

Rick Ungar

4. Julie Roginsky:  The person I named above in my post is a regular on Gretchen Carlson's show in the afternoon on the Fox News Channel, "The Real Story".  As I stated above, I almost always disagree with Julie but love how she comes in and out of the show with a genuine friendly smile.  She also many times have criticized her side when it was too obvious not to.  You can follow her on twitter  @JulieRoginsky

Julie Roginsky

5. Mara LiassonI know, I can already hear my fellow conservatives saying, this liberal on NPR, how can you like her.  Mara Liasson, while I disagree with most of her positions is never mean spirited in her observations and she also always has a friendly smile.  Also, when I watch her on Bret Baier's panel on Special Report, I can tell she is very respectful to Charles Krauthammer's and other conservative opinions, even when she disagrees.  You can follow her on twitter  @MaraLiasson

Mara Liasson

6. Simon Rosenberg: I see Simon many times on the Fox News Channel, especially on Gretchen Carlson's "The Real Story" and I very seldom, if ever agree with anything he says. But,, like Julie Roginsky he comes on the show with a genuine smile and ends it the same way. He takes needling [usually from the great Larry O'Connor who has faced him many times on Gretchen's show] very well and while his views are misguided [to say it kindly], at least Simon does not say them in a mean spirited way. You can follow Simon on twitter @SimonWDC

Simon Rosenberg

7. Adam Lashinsky:  Adam, a writer for the Fortune Magazine is a regular on Neil Cavuto's show on the Fox News Channel, "Cavuto on Business", and he takes the needling he gets, which is often on Cavuto on Business, very well.  His opinions, I almost always disagree with, but I like that he is not mean spirited, like many liberals are.  I like to hear what he has to say on Neil's business show and see how he responds to the needling.  :-)    You can follow him on twitter  @AdamLashinsky 

Adam Lashinsky

8. Jonas Max Ferris:  Is another economist/economic adviser you see as a regular on the Fox News Channel''s Bulls and Bears Saturday show hosted by Brenda Buttner.  How can you not like Jonas?   He always acts like a gentleman, respectful to the more conservatives on the economic panel.  Jonas always has a friendly smile on his face and like Adam Lashinsky on Cavuto on Business I am generally interested in hearing his take, even though I disagree with him the overwhelming majority of the time. And if he is on twitter you have to help me, I couldn't find him. 

Jonas Max Ferris

9. Kirsten PowersNow when I disagree with Kirsten, who I am sure most of you have seen as a political commentator on the Fox News Channel, I really disagree with her and sometimes can't understand some of her opinions.  But there is no way I could leave Kirsten off the list because she is one of the few intellectually honest liberals who will many time express her disagreement with her party when she feels warrants it.  I like to see her on TV, many times on Bill O'Reilly's "the Factor" show because I want to see if this is one of those times she surprises me with an opinion.   A lot of times I will bow my head and think to myself, why did you say that Kirsten, and other times I think to myself, "that is why I like Kirsten."   You can follow her on twitter @KirstenPowers

Kirsten Powers 

10.  Leslie Marshall:  I know, I know, I can hear it now- Tales, how could you put her on the list, she is way out there on the left. But if you notice, she meets my standard of, while disagreeing being mostly respectful to our side and she many times has a genuine smile, and not a condescending smirk like most liberals when arguing their position.  Just today, Wednesday, I saw Leslie on Gretchen Carlson's, "The Real Story", where she is a regular guest, and two different times she had to agree with the conservative Republicans on two issues that she had to criticize her fellow Democrats.  I like that when a liberal is intellectually honest, and that is a trait you don't see much from them. You can follow her on twitter,  @LeslieMarshall

Leslie Marshall

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